Sunday, October 17

Afternoon Tea

My aunt invited my mother, gran and I to high tea at a hotel (the similar one with the ballroom we had our prom a year ago and went again for an exhibition on Australian universities!) and it was totally worth it trying to get my lazy self off my chair and away from my Mac out the door! The buffet was pretty rad - they've got tons of finger food (like the tiny cakes on adorable miniature white plates in the photos below!), miniature glass shooters (those are just pretty hard jelly), cookies, strawberry Pocky sticks (seriously, not even chocolate?!) and all the other usual stuff you'd find at a buffet! 

Really enjoyed the clams the most though - I didn't find the right chance (meaning without anybody around for me to sneakily snap a shot!) to get photos! The clams were served on frosted ice - I'd been so used to eating clams in just tomato sauce, so eating those doused in ice was a pretty cool concept to me.
The only pictures I managed to take with my crappy phone of my food. This particular chocolate cake tasted a little of wine. I hope there weren't actually any in 'em! When I gobbled the strawberry on top, there was GOLD DUST on the cake! Or at least they LOOK like gold dust! Too bad my lousy camera phone failed to illustrate this clearly.

After we were done with afternoon tea and the buffet, it was already five - when I prepared to get up and get my final servings from the buffet tables, the staff were already cleaning up the plates and emptying uneaten food from there! They had to set up the entire buffet again for the dinner shift! Just my luck. I managed to snag some crackers and something else they hadn't come to yet. Still, you could just imagine the disappointment I felt when I saw them clearing the buffet!

My gran went home after tea and my aunt, mother and I continued to the travel exhibition fair. We walked around so much I could feel the ache in my boots all the way down to my toes! We finally settled on a destination around quarter to 9 and finished discussing our plans with the guy close to when the entire exhibition was shutting down for the night! And it's decided! A roadtrip during the Christmas season! I live for roadtrips. It's gonna be a 3-hour journey with 4 people in the backseat (one of 'em presumably me) and 2 in the front. It'd be def a tight squeeze, what with our baggage in the boot but it'd be all right, I hope.

And our destination? A condotel (I originally wanted the villas with your very own pool and BBQ pit but my mother brought up the topic of ghosts and each staying alone in a single house since the villa was humongous so I thought better of it...) close to theme areas like Water World, Animal World Safari, Cowboy Town and various recreational activities like horse riding (gearing up for this!), fishing (bleargh), bicycle & chariot rides, kite flying and paintball wars (minimum 10 pax so this is outta the question for our fam)! It all adds up to an integrated resort, really. I'd been there once when I was a kid, and even I'd remembered it wasn't really fun back then - and I do not have a strong sense of memory! Hopefully this time 'round, it won't be as bad!

"Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company."  
- Unknown

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