Saturday, October 16

Genius Inventions (Probably)

Found some photos of pretty ingenious creations - they look so mighty simple you'd wish you'd thought of them first! Some, on the other hand, are so outrageously crazy!
Keep your pen handy as you eat! The funny thing is, how do you find a pen that fits into the cap, lest they've got special ones to function especially for this invention? 
...This would do me so much justice. I can barely get up on public transportation carrying soda cans opened like this.
Pretty boring invention, really. Who needs perfectly sliced pizzas?
It's gonna leave marks on your thumb - that's for sure. But it's pretty handy I s'pose, for bookworms like moi.
For the cold winter days when your child tags along for Christmas shopping!
Cool jug - it splits both ways.
Probably just as gross to pick up when you buy one as it is to look at it lying on an empty chair. Cool stuff tho - they used Dunkin' Donuts and Ben & Jerry's cups!
My favorite invention amongst all the ones listed here! No need for a flashlight or *shudder* - candles! 
I saved the um, best(?) for last. You're bringing the toilet paper wherever you go! It works for colds too. I'm pretty sure it's a Japanese invention! They've got the coolest ideas.

An extraordinary amount of arrogance is present in any claim of having been the first in inventing something. 
- Benoit Mandelbrot

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