Friday, October 15


What I've realized these days... you don't really have to blog a long-winded, picture-loaded post to make it interesting! Which was what I did a lot in the past. Just take a look at the posts in the past few months this year! So just for today, it's gonna be a really short post - and picture-less!

Anyways, scheduled a trip to Universal Studios with Beck on Tuesday! Totally psyched to get on the rides! The first time I went it was just at night - and we couldn't even get into the rides. We were just allowed out at the entrance and main area with all the usual candy and souvenir stores! Of course, this time we're paying full price. We're gonna try to get in as early as we possibly can - 'round ten! Hopefully my mother's paying for my ticket! But I doubt Universal Studios is nowhere as close in the exciting factor to Disneyland! Can't wait to get on the rides in US though!

"Like a dog, he hunts in dreams."
- Lord Alfred Tennyson

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