Sunday, November 7

30 Day Drawing Challenge

Just like how I've been faithfully keeping to my promise to blog DAILY, I'm gonna keep to this next one too - I'll dutifully complete the following '30 Day Drawing Challenge'! No idea how that's ever gonna happen what with the piling amount of homework and readings for my Psychology textbook and daily blogging. Ugh. 

Anyways, ranting aside, I'll try my utmost best to use different mediums to complete this challenge! Paints, color pencils, sketching, pastel colors... Whatever goes! And so begins...!!
Day 1 - Using the MyPaint app from the AppStore on my iPad, drawn purely with my stubby fingers... I added a background to distract from my horrific drawing. Drawing with your fingers is so much harder than it looks.
Just got home from dinner with my mother and brother! We went to  the Japanese restaurant Hoshi! Never tried the place before, but I was already missing Japanese cuisine! There was a cheaper Japanese restaurant (probably quasi Japanese, unlike Hoshi!) but thank God that place had a long line! 

So here's what I ordered from Hoshi... Their food made me reminisce the days I went to Tokyo, Japan (which was only early this year, really)! :x
 Got an Italian soda - it tasted like ice cream soda. Delish!
 Got seasoned baby Tako (octopus) for the sides! Double Yummers!
 Zaru Udon (Cold noodles)! Just as nice as cold soba! My brother kept intercepting his annoying chopsticks in the front of my camera phone as I was trying to snap photos, God darn it.
And I finally got a copy of Late Night for Sims 3!!! Been waiting forever for this new EP to be released! I'll put up a review of the latest Sims 3 EP once I'm all 'round familiar with the game! 
And my brother got a new white keyboard, a pretty comfy red and black laser gaming mouse and gold headphones. Lucky him. At least the keyboard and mouse work on Macintosh so I can snag it when he ain't home...

"We don't know who we are until we see what we can do." 
- Martha Grimes

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