Saturday, November 27

Cheating MovieBuff

All right, so I haven't exactly gone to a proper theatre to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, but I'd gone ahead and "cheated", and watched the first half hour of the movie online. I'd have gone on to watch if the video went all jacked on me.

Anyway, I had a pretty hectic morning today, rushing from St. Regis to radio production class at noon. At least I got up early (at 7, thanks to my alarm on the iPad - if not everyone who'd have slept till who knows what time!) and managed to get to the restaurant for a buffet breakfast! Plus, the kids were already fighting for my iPad early in the morning, even though they're really just toddlers. The buffet was pretty good - all the breakfast that the wealthy would usually have - turkey ham (yummers!), chicken ham, beef ham (I didn't eat this, of course), bacon, sausages, bread of all shapes & sizes and types (I especially loved one that was long and thin). they served different flavored yoghurt too, in tiny glass cups. Pretty suh-weet! 

Anyway, we cleared the hotel room pretty fast after we'd eaten and gone back up. My gran and I got a lift home, so I got home with some time to spare before I headed out for school again! Did news slug writing for radio this time. Argh. I hate writing anything on current events the most, save for blogging of course... 

And for Speech Comm, Elaine and I did a dialogue together for the short presentation, which kinda tested how we make SFXs and say our dialogues. Pitch, expression, diction, and all that stuff.
Cutest GIF ever!! I'm thinking it's a pug going headfirst into the snow.
Another peepin' revenge-seeking kitty! Too cute. I made this my new Twitter DP.
I'm still a ten year-old... since I just swear out of all these, but just barely. I haven't even fulfilled the 9 year-old criteria yet.
Harry Potter GIF from the final part of the final movie! Yummy.

"Nothing like a nighttime stroll to give you ideas."
 - J.K. Rowling

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