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St. Regis

Got to attend a wedding at St. Regis! First time staying in a hotel here, albeit a five or six star one! I actually am starting to miss the place now... It was totally grandeur in there. From the lobby to the ballroom to the guest rooms! I had to wait a few hours after I went home from less than 2 hours of WritComm (thankfully, it's really supposed to be 3 hours, but it never exceeds 2 hours of class time) - my mother had left to get a hairdo at the hairdresser's and by the time she got back it was around 5! Plus, we had a hard time calling for a taxi. It was raining pretty heavily to boot.

By the time we reached the hotel (my mother kept beating the bellboy to everything - opening the door of the taxi, getting her bags from the boot... It was hilarious!), the wedding solemnization was nearly over! Just in time I suppose. The people who were getting married were my cousin Violet (I don't talk to her or most of 'em much - not exactly in my age range if you get what I mean) and some guy (obvs. a guy) called Chris.

Anyways, after the solemnization was over, we got to return to the hotel room since the dinner wasn't due to start anytime soon! Pity, Bec coulda have come to St. Regis to the hotel room right then. Took as many photos of the room as the camera could possibly snap (mostly flash, it was a lousy cam!). It was a pretty room.
All their couches and armchairs all over the hotel (even in the rooms) were hell comfy. You could just sink in it (in a good way) and just fall asleep! And how cute is that tiny glass table?!
Night view. FYI, the curtains and drapes were totally awesome. There were three sets, 2 translucent and another the red drapes! The button remotes at the bedside table could control each one to draw open and close!
ABOVE & BELOW: Really, they're just the same chandelier (although it doesn't look like the kinds you'd usually see - it looks cheaper). 
I didn't get to sleep on the bed that night. Two li'l toddlers named Isaiah and Kaira (somehow, I'm their aunt) and two grandmas (one which is theirs and one which is mine) slept on it instead. I got the couch. Lucky me. It wasn't too bad sleeping on it though. 
I slept in one of these bathrobes. I didn't get a blanket, poor moi. They felt kinda stiff though, but are really long! 
The door has a chain lock that works INSIDE some device instead of having to hook it outside. Okay, that was a crappy and bad explanation. I'll try again.
This is how door chain guards usually work. They're placed on the door. The one at St. Regis works inside the hinges, rather. Cool technology. Okay, I bet you probably still wouldn't get it. Whatever. I don't know why I bother anyways.

Now, photos of the bathroom!
There is a mini TV (similar channels to the one outside in front of the bed) right above the bathtub! Didn't manage to get a shot of that, unfortch. There was even an accompanying tiny remote! Too cute.  I wish I had TV to watch while I soak in chocolate bubbles in the tub...
This shower jet is seriously fascinating. There are three modes you can shower with here. The top - which would just blast down on you like a waterfall (I didn't bother trying that), the middle portion, which has three tiny jets which would just shoot the water horizontally out at you and of course, the shower head you can just detach and use.
The view at night. I know there really isn't much to see...
Anyways, we were all feelin' pretty hungry, so we took a look at the menus for room service (there were 2 for different restaurants that were in the hotel!). We didn't get anything in the end... They were all too pricey and although there were lots of options, we couldn't exactly find anything that was light and cost reasonably, well, acceptable. I'd wanted to get the escargots (that's snails in Francais!) though... I kid!
My brother reading the menu.
Since the wedding dinner was due to start around 8, and we were starving, my brother, cousin and I followed our father to the shopping mall nearby to get something to eat. We loaned the umbrellas outside the hotel (without telling any staff around) and walked in the drizzle. Found there was a cool Scandinavian shop in the mall! The scent from the candles in there were positively alluring me in. I'll go back there in the future, for sure! 

Anyways, we got food from the food court. My brother, cousin and I got three wild mushroom soup (yummers) and chicken and calamari at 8 bucks (my cousin and I shared this). I forgot what my brother ordered. We walked back to the hotel after that with some time to spare, and I whipped out the camera and started snapping stuff around me once more... including the corridors on the guest room floors! I didn't get to go to the pool area though, pity.
The carpet at the lift lobby and my brother's interfering shoe.
A bonbon wrapper statue outside the ballroom with the Singapore flag on it!
People at work on the huge Christmas tree in the middle of the hotel lobby! It was later lined with fake presents around the sides of the tree!
Magnifique boat-like chandelier!
Apparently, the description said 'Nude couple hugging'. Lol
Those are really reflections. They're just mirrors!
Another mirror on the ceiling!
They put lots of paintings as decor on the walls around the hotel.
Another statue. Nude, most likely.
I love staircases like these, especially when there's a carpet like that in between.
Another huge chandelier... They seem to have an awful lot around the hotel. Really beautiful though!
We got into the ballroom at 8 plus! I got a seat between my cousin and my brother. Anyways, they had ah-mazing door gifts lying on each table! A letter opener with a star charm attached to it and a heart-shaped trinket box in a velvet brown bag. Too lovely! 
 Dayuuuum I'm in love with the trinket box!
The letter opener! I didn't take it out of the packaging for a picture. 
 The tableware is absolutely exquisite!
 View of the rest of the grand ballroom.
 Several candles on each table! They went out halfway through the wedding dinner...
 My brother just had to burn something..! He ripped the card off the door gift and held it over the candle flame. It turned out quite nicely, and he didn't burn the entire place down, thank God.
 The finished product...

The bride and groom walked in through huge double doors close to my table. The two kids Isaiah and Kaira walked ahead of them and walked slowly. They didn't know exactly what to do and some of the staff and their parents waved them in the direction. Lol. The girl Kaira didn't exactly know what to do with the basket of flower petals in her hand too. She threw only 5 or 6 petals the entire walk. Lol. Then, they rolled a pretty lame slideshow of how the bride and groom met, though I'd admit it was rather sweet. And the figures in the cartoon looked like the real people it was portraying. 

...And dinner finally came! Been waiting all night for this!!
 First up! From left to right, roasted pork (even though I'd sworn off pork I couldn't resist and bit off the top brown parts. Gave the meat to my grandmother. My brother did the same.), wasabi prawn atop a watermelon slice and octopus atop spicy jelly fish! The wasabi prawn and jelly fish was gross, but I finished the rest! I was pretty happy they offered mini octopus.
I ate 2 octopuses - my brother's and mine!
 Broccoli, mushroom (I hate these dark brown kinds) and abalone! I finished this dish save for the mushroom, of course!
 This was the second last dish! Yummy noodles.
Finally! The dessert was last. There was chocolate truffle cake (the tiny one at the side) and ice cream in red glutinous rice. Scraped the ice cream off and didn't bother with the red stuff. Gross.

When the whole thing ended, my mother and father (who was slightly drunk) started urging me I shouldn't stay overnight at the hotel since the 2 kids and their grandma were staying in that room too. I was so exasperated. But in the end, they decided I could stay over with my grandma. My brother and 'rents went home in a taxi. 

Anyways, this blog post is coming to an end... I took nearly an hour and a half doing this up, so I'm getting exhausted... To make the long story short, I tried the shower (it rocked), stayed in bed watching a re-run of the AMAs and reading a Clique prequel, and waited for the two kids and their grandma to arrive in the room. They winded up playing Plants VS. Zombies on my iPad. Or at least, the boy kid did (he actually knew how to play - sorta! Even though it seems he's only 5 to 6 years old!). The girl was nearly in tears 'cos he wouldn't share the iPad with her. They're kinda growing on me. Never used to converse with much, if not at all. Ended up going to bed close to 2!

"Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction."  
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I'm actually posting this 2 days late, but I'll just put this as the actual date of the wedding! I couldn't actually blog since there was no WiFi available at St. Regis! Damn. We had to pay for Internet access! Ten an hour. Twenty a day. Goshers. Share

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