Thursday, November 25

Discreet Documentary

Had 2 hours of Social Psychology lecture in the morning (including another journal entry! Ugh I hate writing stuff like that, especially since it's for school!) I got only 2 and a half for the previous entry. I'd thought I'd failed miserably, but in actual fact it's marked upon 5 marks! So phew, I just passed.

We headed to town for the filming of the human documentary for the project for social psych. We just used my camera and Marilyn's handphone camera both. the cellphone camera came in pretty handy at times when we didn't want people to notice us filming them (we weren't supposed to let them know, either). We stopped to sit at McDonalds twice (different locations, of course) and I got a large fries first, and later at the other McDonalds, Cinnamon Melts! Love 'em, all that cinnamon topping! I spent close to ten on food today. Sigh I should really try restraining...

Anyways, we managed to finish filming for the most part. Of parents playing with their kids, to people sitting beside each other with some space in between them, to people's bodily movements and facial expressions! We got everything done close to 4 in the afternoon and we went home after that. Was dead beat by then. Took the same bus home with Elaine now that she lives close to school! ;D

Just when I thought I could go home and begin starting up the Internet to blog and all that... the WiFi totally wasn't working on my Mac, and iPad! Had to wait till 7 at night before it began to work again, albeit too slowly... Just my luck. I'm too lazy to put a quote today. So ciaooo xx Share

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