Wednesday, November 24

M&M's Minis

Had a whole day of lectures today, including a test on MLA Citation for our Written Communication module… I totally bombed it, that's for sure! We were asked to synthesize main points in a given passage into 7 points, and to create sentences based on the topic of cyberbullying, using in-text citations as well. Too tough! Plus, we were only given an hour and fifteen to complete! I wasn't exactly sure what to do at first - had to re-read the instructions like thrice, and I wasn't even sure if it really meant what I thought it was! I did the ITCs part first since it was much easier. I hate summarizing points. It's like English comprehension all over again…

Anyways, bought a M&M's minis tube today for just a buck sixty! Managed to finish it in less than a day! Yummers. I miss eating M and M's. I feel like I don't eat chocolate much these days...

"Other things are just food. But chocolate's chocolate."
- Patrick Skene Catling


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