Friday, November 5


Thank God it's finally FRIDAY again tmrw! The weekends are always passing so quickly now that there's school again. Ugh, bummer. Since I'm feelin' just a li'l less stressed, here are exactly 26 GIFs (mostly humorous and downright adorable cat GIFs!!) I'm posting. Just for the fun of it. GIFs are the best invention ever... after microwaved popcorn!
I wish everybody did this in my school when classes end on Fridays... it'd be the most hilarious thing ever! Slippery corridors FTW!!
Li'l kid going gaga over a tall balloon... thing.
Little Twin Stars! Ahhh miss the good ol' days when 'em were the cutest things in our lives.
The old Tom and Jerry! They'd tweaked these lovable cartoon creatures a little in the newer 'Tom and Jerry' cartoons! 
Uhh uhh... no you di-in't! (Okay I've no idea how to spell that out like you speak it!)
This looks any familiar? The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog!
Beware! Your bunnies could pop anything!
And now, one of the greatest collections of kitty cat GIFs I'd ever posted on my blog!! I might have posted some in previous posts before, I hell can't remember... But they're all equally adorbs! One of the GIFs (if not all!) would so definitely make you fall in love with cats all over again! I'm so tempted to get a cat now (I've always been a dog person though)!
OMFG this kitty can fit into a toilet roll!
Not forgetting the OMG cat!
Mexican kitty!
First peeping Tom cat! Creepy creepy.
SECOND peeping cat! This one got viral.
This totally just blew my mind wide open,
I love this cat! God! Its paws are the cutest things.

"Cats look beyond appearances--beyond species entirely, it seems--to peer into the heart." 
- Barbara L. Diamond

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