Thursday, November 4

Bunny in a Beanie

Had a make-up for radio lesson today at noon for Friday, so thankfully, there's no school at all on Friday! Anyways, we had to record this 1-minute commentary of whatever we could talk about when we looked at our surroundings. Pretty difficult - I had a hard time and winded up pausing half the minute! We re-did our recordings and it came out better. Phew. I paused less too!

When we got back to the radio dub or splice room or whatever it's called, my group winded up one of the last four to show the teacher our recordings. Thank goodness for that, we didn't have to re-record unlike the earlier groups! When the teacher listened to my recording, he said in this creepy tone," Are you sure it's haunted?" (I talked about the haunted building) and said I pronounced my 'S'es really clearly. Wowza - never noticed that, really. Or perhaps 'cos my recording seriously sucked and he made that up just for the sake of commenting.

More random photos below, yayyers!!
Highlight of this post! This may just be the cutest bunnies I've ever seen!!
Baby seal dance floor!
Llamas!! Fluffy like teddy bears, at that! I would so go to Bolivia to ride these things!
 I love this kitty.
 So get this, stitchers aren't murderers.
 Love the captions! You can come up with thousands of those with all the previous 6 movies! It's so sad Harry Potter comes to an end next year. Oh well, at least there's that Harry Potter theme park in Orlando.
 One of my favorite scenes in 'Wild Child'! I used to really like Emma Roberts but not so much after finding out she'd started smoking. Pity.
Coolest goth kid ever! But it's probably for Halloween. Just look at his 'do!

"I have always wanted a bunny and I'll always have a rabbit the rest of my life." 
- Amy Sedaris

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