Wednesday, November 17


It was Bec's birthday today - 16th of November! Managed to get her pebble stickers from Paper Market at 8.90 during the weekend! Wrapped it up (or rather, my mother did) in my favorite translucent Cinnamoroll book wrapper, and added a written letter in this morning. Didn't exactly have time for a handmade card! Bec didn't even turn up for lectures today (lucky her) since she fell ill to the sore throat. Only managed to get to her house in the evening after lectures had ended (by then, it started drizzling, then pouring - was half soaked walking there), so I could pass her the present! Got to eat a li'l of her birthday cake while I was there. Yummers - chocolate mousse!

During the lunch break in between lectures (the first hour's lecturer didn't turn up! We got an extra hour of break, which is stupid really - they coulda told us earlier so we could a few more hours of sleep before we came to school!), I headed for the first time to the classiest restaurant bar on the campus called Izzi Restaurant & Bar! I ordered seafood chowder for the Soup-of-the-Day (I absolutely HAVE to order this everytime I go to restaurants!) and a basket of potato wedges (5 bucks!) Marion ordered another basket of wedges! Turns out both portions were so large - in order to finish - we played a game so we could polish off the two basket of wedges! I lost thrice, so I had to eat three darn it. But I got help with the final wedge. I was too full by then! 

The topic of Teletubbies came up then. Apparently, the Teletubbies contain some hidden meanings behind their different colors, the signs above their heads, and all that! I'd heard of stories like that too in the past, but didn't really bother searching deep for the truth. Some say they've got Satanic influences, or that the purple tubby signifies 'gay'.. stuff like that. Found a cute photo of 4 of 'em crossing a busy road! I kinda miss watching Teletubbies, really. It totally signifies my whole childhood. Pathetic, I know.
Angelic beings, demonic creatures, or mere fictitious characters? Read this article from 1999 to learn more about the rumored curse on the Teletubbyland cast.
Whip your back and forth, whip your hair back and forth! LOL, totally had to post up this GIF I found on Tumblr, especially since I was putting something Teletubbies-related today.

“The old believe everything; the middle aged suspect everything: the young know everything.”
- Oscar Wilde

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