Tuesday, November 16

Hard Times Ahead

Well, I'm gonna stop the 30-day drawing challenge for awhile! I only just remembered there's a test on Social psychology on Thursday morning to study for and I haven't even started! Damn. It's time to really get down to cracking... again.

Anyways, today was a rather boring day in general. Looked at tons of hilarious Pokemon photos and fan art on Sherri's computer though! I've forgotten how much I used to love Pokemon - Pikachu, especially!

Had Spanish in the evening too! I swear, it's really getting easier to learn the language (not that I'm bragging or anything, lol)! I'm starting to really love Spanish. We did tons of worksheets today, which I finished pretty much in a jiffy. Learnt about professions and all that today. Rather boring, really.

"Language is the means of getting an idea from my brain into yours without surgery."
- Mark Amidon

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