Friday, November 19

Speech Write

Not exactly sure if I should scrape this whole idea about blogging daily - I know it may seem really annoying having to blog daily, 'cos you're gonna run out of something to blog about someday and you'd have to blog crap you could hardly care less about - but if I do, I might just get too lazy one day from not-blogging-every-day and stop blogging all together (except for the single odd day or so, I'd blog something short and stupid). That was me rambling... which doesn't really occur that often, seriously. 

Anyways, rambles aside, I've got a darn speech to write up, memorize that, and perfect my speaking posture, where you make eye contact, and how you make appropriate hand gestures... all by f***ing tmrw! I'm so mad pissed right now I could just cut myself (I kid - I'm no cutter). It's supposedly a sales pitch, and you aren't even allowed to bring any cue cards when you present for that 2 minutes and a half! Unfair, much? In addition, for this pitch, we've got to convince the "audience" that our product (we've got to come up with something we wished existed or is an improvement of something that already exists) is great to purchase or whatever and beef it up with pros or whatever. It's sorta like my science invention project I'd to do back when I was ten or so. Just that we'd have to memorize what to say for this one - and that it's worth 10% of our total grade. Ugh. Of course, I wouldn't mind the speech-writing part. Just the speaking part - I'm a little afraid of... Wish me luck.

Anyways, we had our Social Psych class today and had that little test. Only studied a half hour max, and I managed to get just one question wrong. Guess that's just pure luck. Luckily they were just fill-in-the-blank questions though... Later, the teacher asked us to take out our print-outs for the lesson. Guess what? The whole class didn't print except yours truly (well, I'd already printed it out previous week but still). I felt like such a wretchedly goody-two-shoes then when the teacher asked me if I'd printed out and I nodded and almost everyone turned to stare at me like, well, I'm a goody pants. Gosh humiliating.

Random photos below...
I miss eating marshmallows dipped in hot fudge!
 OMG I had completely NO IDEA! At least I don't suppress my sneezes. Phew. 
 ...And a li'l something to dampen your spirits (whatever hell would i wanna do that?)
 Your argument is invalid. I do miss Lizzie McGuire hell lot.
Word. Three quarters of all animes I watch involve a table being tossed... or furniture being wrecked. Lol.

“Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.”
- Lawrence Clark Powell

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