Saturday, November 20

Two and a Half Minutes of Hell

TGIF!! But I don't feel anywhere near as happy at all. Probably 'cos I just found out I really do have a fear of speaking (especially when you have to get the effing speech memorized) and I completely lost it (in my head) and blanked out during my 2 and a half minutes speech stint today in Speech Comm lesson. I'm beginning to really hate it. No offense to the teacher, of course. Even though I swear I've got my whole speech memorized (I must have read it out to myself over twenty times max), I couldn't remember a single thing I'd written while up there facing the class. Gosh.

Here's how it went... I walked up (I was the second person to speak - the teacher called from the middle of the class roll, damn) feeling just a little bit ready. Then I faced the class in the small room. And I FREAKED at that moment. I got through the first paragraph of my speech fine, The rest just went downhill. I completely forgot what I'd memorized right from there. *sigh* Just my luck.

I stood there for almost thirty seconds, spoke a li'l bit more of what I could remember, which was still really vague in my mind, and paused again. The teacher just said, "Okay, thank you" in the end, and I walked back to my desk, face burning, heart churning. Worst 2 and a 1/2 minutes of my life! I just hope she doesn't fail me for this one. Everybody else didn't stumble and pause as much as I did. At least the teacher later approached me and said I had good content :x Even though I really didn't... but she also said 'all it takes is practice' and 'i had a naturally soft voice'. Lol. Worst day ever.

“It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.”
- Mark Twain

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