Saturday, December 11

Harry Potter 7 Part I: Watched

Had a terrifyingly long day today, both in school and out. Good thing is, I finally got to watch Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part I after all this time! First time I've ever been so delayed watching a Potter movie, really. 

Anyway, I started school at noon with Radio Production first. We toured the DAWs (it stands for 'Digital Audio Workstation' - i used to think they meant 'doors') and the recording studio. We also had to install Pro Tools into our Macs with this flash drive. Lucky me, I went through so many flash drives none of them could install successfully on my computer. Each time, it installed half way, or three-quarters through, and the disc friggin' ejected ON ITS OWN, even when I didn't touch the f***ing thing! Obvs, I didn't get Pro Tools installed in my Macbook by the end of the lesson. Bummer. The thing was 6GB too, and my computer had way sufficient memory! Damn. 

The next lesson was the worser part of the day. Speech communication class! We were due to have this graded impromptu speech worth 10% of our final grade! And we had to each speak for 3 minutes! Damn. I barely survived through the practice speech last week. So here was what went down: we each picked a tiny piece of paper with a random topic for our speech (mine was HUNGER), we had 15 minutes to prep and outline our speech, then we were on... for hell (for me, at least)! The first thing I thought of for the hunger topic was the African kids.,, and that was what I went with. I didn't exactly have time to start thinking deep. I had to get research done... and pronto! I decided to talk on world hunger (stuff like chronic hunger) and eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia which cause hunger (now that I think about it, I didn't exactly refer those eating disorders to hunger... oh wells). 

When my turn came on, I was trembling all over. I trudged up to the front of the class best as I could with some ounce of confidence (which is highly unlikely how I felt at that point) and began talking. I managed to reach nearly 3 minutes!!! Def improvement, I s'pose. I paused quite a lot along the way, and stumbled a lot. Damn. I probably was the worst speaker out of the entire class. Still, that's no big surprise.

Immediately set off for town once the teacher dismissed us! I took a bus, then the train. Just when I was on the train to the destination for the cinema my mother asked me to go to, she changed venues! Ugh! It was a full house theater at the previous, and she said another venue was a lot emptier. She already bought the tickets for the movie that was due to start in less than twenty minutes too! I was friggin' pissed by then, but when I reached and began to watch part one of the finale of the epic phenomenon (that is Harry Potter) with nachos in hand, my anger kinda diffused. 

Overall, it was definitely a better film then the Half-Blood Prince! Even my mother agreed for once, since she didn't manage to fall asleep through this movie! There was def more humor in this one too. Plus, it's too bad they gave Hedwig (she's Harry's snowy barn owl!!) so little mourning time when she got killed by a Death Eater trying to protech Harry! They gave more airing time to Dobby, the elf that first appeared in the Chamber of Secrets! Of course, Dobby died in this film. The part where he said he was a free elf just before he got hit with Bellatrix's wand was where I started to feel the tears coming on. Mind you, I do remember some of it from the book I'd read, even if it was years ago! Harry and his friends then buried Dobby (without magic)! 

It ended pretty quick after that, with Voldemort closing the scene after stealing Dumbledore's wand from his grave. I cannot wait for the next final installment!!
Self-explanatory. I love this GIF... must have watched it tens of times already!

"Dobby is a free house-elf and he can obey anyone he likes and Dobby will do whatever Harry Potter wants him to do!"
- Dobby from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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