Sunday, December 12

Christmas Shopping: Day Two

Went Christmas shopping with Bec today in town, for approx. 5 to 6 hours! Pretty productive shopping, if I might add! I woke a li'l later than I'd planned, so I didn't exactly feel like going for a swim (previous time I swam was more than a year ago!). I guess you could say I'm real time-conscious, and if things don't exactly work the way I planned it, it throws me off the entire course. Okay, that sounded way too philosophical for my liking...

I decided to go swim anyway, around 11! I changed into my new swimsuit! It was a two-piece this time, but a rather odd combination  at that. The top was a pink sleeved suit and the bottom was a pair of black swimming skorts! I had a new pair of swimming goggles too - but that must have been what caused my headache later on after I'd completed my swim (probably less than half an hour!). It was a tad too tight 'round my head. I didn't forget completely how to swim, at least! The water was really cold though. Hopefully I don't catch pneumonia! That can totally kill. 

Met Bec after she'd completed a drink survey somewhere else (she earned 50 bucks just for that, lucky much?). I was li'l late though. The friggin' bus was stuck in the same spot for nearly twenty minutes in traffic! Once we got past that, I reached town pretty darn quick. 

We had a hard time juggling all the stuff we bought! Not surprisingly, there're a lot more to buy during the Christmas season. Lovin' it! Bec got this bath gel in the shape of a yellow rubber ducky for a present. When she tried to open it while we were eating at Mos, the soap squirted all over! Bummer. Once she had it cleaned up, it was still re-giftable! 

We decided on our Christmas gifts for each other - Disney Traditions statues at 35 bucks each! I hope when we come back two weeks later, nobody would have bought it already or anything... They were totally vintage rad! I'd get the Donald Duck for Bec, and she Mickey Mouse for I.

Here's what I got today! (Even though it was Christmas shopping, most of the stuff I got is mainly for me...)
Mini decorating ribbons! They're velvet! ❤❤ 
I figure I'd gift this to somebody else. It cost 6.90! Pretty all right for a sweet Christmas mug!
A notebook at 9.90! Love the cover! This is obvs for moi.
I've no idea how to describe this, really. Some form of liquid that oozes out to form tiny bubbles and you can tilt them back and forth like the hourglass! Suh-weet stuff here. It only cost 8.90 too!
My very first mini Christmas tree! Just for 22.90 too! I got the pink baubles separately.
Isn't this the cutest furry bunny ever?!! Kinda expensive, on the other hand. Nearly ten bucks. This is def going on my table. More photos of the bunny below... And some other random (but waaay adorable) bunnies!
Bec and I chose the same Christmas cards for each other. Love the designs!

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful." 
- Norman Vincent Peale

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