Wednesday, December 15

The Hidden Artist Makes a Splash!

Now check out these really unique and lovely works of art below. Guess who (obvs he's dead, most artists only get world renown or worth a li'l something more than they had in real life - no offence intended) painted these. 

Here's a clue:
The person who painted these pictures wanted to attend the Viennese academy of Fine Arts and become famous as an artist. If he had been accepted by the academy, world history would have been much different.

Without a doubt, his name was ADOLF HITLER. 
Now check out another photo below of this hidden artsy painter!
Hail Hitler, aboard the Splash Mountain! Bow to him, from front and back, too.

Definitely fake (and gay) [fine, I admit I watch too many RWJ videos!]. So somebody photoshopped Hitler on the ever famous log flume ride in Magic Kingdom, which is one of the theme parks in Walt Disney World FYI. I was positively doubling over with laughter when I first saw this. The notorious dictator and his infamous "all-hail-me" hand sign, with his fingers pointed up towards (the sky?). The latter was the one that really got to my funny bone (that sounded odd). Def a classic photo to have around! I do so hope his ghost won't come after me now. 

And a random GIF below...
Love how emoticons have evolved over the years! :) ;) :p ;p ;D >;D

Anyway, we just got our Christmas "gift" from our WritCom lecturer. Sucks for us. We require a proposal of 1500-2000 words in length, all due by early February!! I've no idea how to write one, and I probably won't, even long after I graduate from this hellhole. 

The only good thing worth mentioning today is our first hour of lectures (that is Speech Communication) was announced it would be cancelled late night before! Thank goodness. We didn't have to waste as much time in school as we usually do on Tuesdays. Bother. I CANNOT wait for the Christmas and New Year holidays!! It starts next week. MORE Christmas shopping...!! Then, it is the roadtrip for moi!

"Anyone who sees and paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilized."
- Adolf Hitler

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