Thursday, December 16

Sleepiness Max

1 hour of Social Psychology lecture, then it was home sweet home for moi! We had a pop quiz too, that I pretty much didn't study for. They were all fill-in-the-blanks though, so I pretty much had to think of some stuff to fill those in. I'd so have preferred MCQs though. You can just randomly choose A, B, C or D when you're stuck. No additional thinking required!

Gonna attempt to finish my remaining two assignments that are due on Friday, before the holiday break begins! *Sigh* I dread going through hard work. 

Some photos of sleepy cats below! Love 'em all! I'm starting to really love cats all over again! Damn the LOLcats on the Internet.
Awww... such an adorable GIF!! Kitteh doesn't want you eyeing its teddeh!
 Fat kitty replicates the baby's sleeping postures! This just screams ADORABLE!
Lovin' the anteater, panda and the lemur one. 

 "Tah b r not tah b – Das wut Iz ponderin."
- LOLcats

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