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Selenita Fairytale Princess

Since my favorite celebrity of all time is Selena Gomez now (it always has been, really), I'm a li'l more inclined to blog about her. Anyway, she recently did a photo shoot angled towards fairy tale princesses (it seems a lot like what Taylor Swift would do, imho). She reenacted scenes following the Disney (and non-Disney) princess stories:
- Cinderella
- Princess and the Pea
- Little Red Riding Hood
- Sleeping Beauty
Personally, I think she did a brilliant job channeling the Brothers Grimm! Which is your favorite scene of hers?
 Selena Gomez as Cinderella
 Selena Gomez in Princess and the Pea
 Selena Gomez as Red Riding Hood (This is most particularly my favorite among the rest!)
Selena Gomez as Sleeping Beauty

It's finally 31st December... and we enter year 2011 tomorrow! Damn. Frankly, I'm a wee bit scared of a whole new year, but not before the months of school break ends of course! A whole new class, new modules. Someone tell me how long I'm gonna have to go through with THIS?!! I wish I could just ship myself off to university elsewhere already, preferably down under, or Tassie! 
Of course, I'm a li'l nervous about the Mayan calendar prediction date - 21 December 2012, the end of the world! But I guess I could shelve that worry aside for another year and reduce, reuse and recycle as much as I can. Seeing as it's New Year's, I'll post all the highlights of 2010, and the expected ones of 2011 tomorrow! I know most normals usually do that on New Year's Eve, but I'm much too lazy to do it today. I'm watching Gulliver's Travels (not in 3D, sadly) later in the evening, and hopefully, my mother gets me that Juicy charm bracelet I've been eyeing on since, well, forever. That's the final thing that's on my 2010 wishlist that's not fulfilled! Well, that and the iPod Nano which I just added to days ago. I probably cannot ask for too much.
My 2010 wishlist as of now! I should probably revise it again and remove the iPod Nano. It looks better when the wishlist's fully complete... assuming I can get that charm bracelet from Juicy today! It's been a nice year for moi...wishlist-wise! I received lots! ;)

Back home! Met up with my mother to watch Gulliver's Travels (in 3D!!) downtown 'round 3 plus. My bro and I took a taxi (the traffic wasn't too bad, thank goodness - we reached the place with time to spare) and when we were in the district, it HAD to start raining heavily! I made a mistake wearing my Uggs. Shoulda gone with leather boots (with my leather jacket I'd donned) like my brother proposed. The movie theater was pretty all right, the seats were satisfactory comfy. Gulliver's Travels was just 90 minutes, but it rocked all kinds of awesome! Didn't expect to really like it, but it turned out amazing. Lots of laughs you can expect. Happy endings as usual. Plus, I totally love Jack Black, and Emily Blunt (she plays princess of Liliput)! 

We went to get burgers for dinner (or as my mother put it, the last meal of 2010!) at Mos, then to Juicy Couture to pick out my charm bracelet! We stood there by the displays contemplating two types. There was one which came with a discount (originally 230 bucks!) at 138. It came with ugly, plastic separate alphabets that spelt out JUICY. The gold on the bracelet wasn't the shiny kind either, so I went with the other. A gold puffed pave heart starter charm bracelet at 130 bucks! Whew, that was a long name for something so small! I love it so much!! Too bad it's gonna take a long while before I can afford to fill it up with different charms! I might get them from both Juicy or Tiffany & Co... mix it up a li'l! Took tons of photos of my new charm bracelet! I'm ecstatic I'd finally completed my wishlist for this year... for once!

The similar set taken from the Juicy official website! Looks a lot better than how I'd photographed mine :x

"Years of dreams just can't be wrong!"
-  Anastasia from some 1997 movie named Anastasia (not exactly sure if she's from Disney!)

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