Wednesday, December 29

Vintage Stickers

Met up with Bec today so I could pass her the receipt for the purple knitted gloves she wanted to refund (if possible, since she'd be able to get it at half price elsewhere!) or exchange! We scheduled to meet at 11.30 in the morning, but we got all delayed till 12.30 since Parent Trap was showing on Disney (I haven't watched it in a really long time...)! 

We went to town and walked up and down between shopping malls again! We approached the cashier at the store's level with the receipt and the gloves. We were a li'l nervous 'cos this receipt didn't exactly state how many days were allowed before refund/exchange wasn't valid anymore, and we required the price tag on the item to boot! Bec had asked the cashier to cut off the price tag last week when we bought it so she could wear it immediately. The woman from the store didn't allow a refund in the end, but she gave a voucher worth the price of the gloves of that shopping mall, instead of the store! Crap.

We then walked to Wendy's (exhausting much?) and spent the longest time slowly eating our usual order, in our usual seat! Thank God there wasn't anyone at the counter ordering, so we came through pretty fast. I finally managed to finish my fish fillet burger this time 'round! I'm proud. 

We then went 'round in shops like New Look and Steve Madden and tried on cool boots (yep, even when we had no money whatsoever to afford it). I'm dying to get that way comfy Steve Madden uggs (not the real ones) that are in cool knitted patterns! Too bad it costs 140 bucks. Bec even got a half-priced shirt at 20 bucks from T-Bar (from Australia!) I wanted one but decided I was too poor. 

I managed to get those CityLuxe vintage stickers I've been dying to get since last year, or early this year, I forget. It costs 26 bucks, no discounts in that store or whatsoever, like most others during this holiday season, sadly. I was torn between the 'Americana' and 'Paris' sets. Chose the first in the end! When I went to the imaginary counter and finished paying (really just some display pen sets on a table at the front of the tiny store), Bec noticed we could pay 20 bucks for an annual membership (40% off during your birthday month, and 3 ten bucks vouchers immediately when you've signed up!) It was a bit too late though, else I coulda gotten that membership fee and just have paid off the stickers with the vouchers. Oh well. We opened the tin set later (Bec managed to get it to fit back into the thin plastic it came with later!) and there were two sets of similar stickers, which meant there were only 14 pages of unique stickers. At least there won't be much heartache (I exaggerate) when I use each one, since there's def an extra set there! Pictures below!
Anyway, my mother finished hand washing my new Christmas fingerless gloves, but look how it turned out!
Before -> After
It's become a lot thinner at the wrists!

"Fortunately I own a vintage brain, and I am alive and well in the 21st century, still making records, still working at an intense pace and most of all, still having fun doing it." 
- Tony Visconti

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