Tuesday, December 28

Lime Sherbet Rocks

I can't come up with a better title! Who would be able to if they've kinda made a promise to blog daily? I'm re-thinking this whole dumb idea. It's eating into all my time, really. That means I've gotta change my blog header banner, which I'm kinda lazy to do. I'll save this long-winded rant for another day.

Kinda getting stressed out for school now. I'm a total worrywart. I've got so much on my to-do list for school. Plus, the holiday break will end in a week! Crap. Anyway, had a good night's rest after yesterday's end to my short road trip! Woke close to noon! 

My mother, brother and I headed to his school to get his new textbooks. Turns out the line was positively long! The people at the makeshift bookshop were working so slowly getting other people's books too. We gave up waiting and decided my bro just get them books when school resumed. 

Later, we took a straight bus and headed to get lunch at Swensen's! I kinda grew sick eating that years ago, since we ate that nearly every month. But it's all right now. They've got the best fudge brownies and ice cream and cakes and such. I ordered spaghetti aglio-olio (without chilli! It was extra yummers.), cream of mushroom soup, a Coke, mozzarella cheese sticks (OMGosh I'm getting hungry just thinking of 'em now) and lime sherbet single-scoop ice cream! The latter cleansed my palate good after my somewhat heavy meal. The nicest ice cream I've ever tasted! Went home after that. Boring day. Without the food, of course.
 This absolutely explains my entire life.
 OMG they should make this into one of those inspirational posters or something.
Gummy worms! I love that sugary stuff!

"Humankind cannot bear very much reality." 
- T.S. Eliot

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