Thursday, December 23

Christmas Montage II

Behold! It's 2 days to Christmas! Been waiting for the Christmas season to arrive in ages - say, since probably September or October! And yes, I was already listening to Christmas carols then! Here's a short Christmas montage before I go abroad on the few-hour road trip to several theme parks at Famosa tmrw morning! I probably wouldn't be able to blog the next 3 days, since I get back the day after Christmas! I hope I get back alive at least... Bad things seem to happen to certain regions during the Christmas season. Take that tsunami in 2004, for example.
 Special edition: The Christmas hamster!! Too. Ah-dorable!
 I presume this is Gwen Stefani (I can never get their faces right) in a Christmas tree festive outfit!
 Christmas nails!
Christmas cupcakes! My fave's gotta be Santa Claus and the mistletoe!
'How I Wrap Christmas Presents' by Mike Parker

Anyway, I had to get up pretty early today and head to town for our group meeting so we could film stuff on conformity. I doubt the thing is even graded, but still, I had fun. I left an hour before we were scheduled to meet at ten (no doubt carrying Bec's present all around, since I thought she would be heading to town too - she didn't) and wound up being on time! Went ahead to get Wendy's Twisted Frosty again, with Elaine! My new obsession's Frosty! We waited for Marilyn to arrive in Borders too! I'm starting to love Borders again - all the novelty items they've got out now are seriously the bomb!

Once we were all present, we began our film project. Most of the time, we looked pretty stupid doing it, since we didn't get much reactions with our actions that were supposed to defy social norms. We tried walking among the crowds watching movies on a Macbook, skipping in shopping malls, and walking barefoot along the streets lined with tons of people. We focused more on the barefoot part in the end... I did it once on my own in the morning, and later again in the afternoon, where there were much more tourists and all that stuff. Humiliating. But I got by (I was the only one who "strut" the streets in just socks). 

We had lunch at the Food Village (I got Pepper Lunch, yummers), then we went ahead to film once more, and we were done for the day! Was pretty exhausted by then. Headed home and passed Elaine my beloved sleeping bag! Met Bec a li'l later in the evening so we could exchange our Christmas gifts. I got TWO Pocky sticks from her to boot. Loooovin' my Christmas present!
Bec wrapped my presents in this adorably designed bag. Looks more like a goodie bag you get at parties really.
What's in it...
Fingerless gloves!!

"I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year."
- Charles Dickens, Ebeneezer Scrooge, A Christmas Carol

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