Wednesday, December 22

Danger Bears

Super bored home. I woke late, had noodles for my breakfast-lunch, and did MWL all the way till the evening! No doubt stopping to do other stuff along the way. Thank God I'm all done with all the 42 sets! So I can probably take a break from all the schoolwork - for now. There's still the friggin' social psych common test to study for that's in 3 weeks, and a proposal for WritCom to write that's due in February, and lots of stuff I can't ring a bell. 

I'm on the topic of dangerous bears today. Can't find much on this random topic, but here it is. A GIF and a lone picture. Pretty hilarious stuff though!
Dancing bears are dangerous bears! Okay, that made no sense.
Kinda sadistic photo. But I cracked up when I first saw it. Poor girl - being eaten by the grizzly thng.

"The mountains have always been here, and in them, the bears." 
- Rick Bass 

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