Tuesday, December 21

Christmas Shopping: Day Three

Had an uber long day out today! Woke at 7AM to prep to meet Bec at 9.30AM! Turns out she overslept when I called her house! Not before trying to call her cell twice though. I don't have much persistence in that way, We winded up meeting around late ten plus, and started shopping close to noon! 'Cos we ate at Wendy's before that. Yummers! I ordered a fish burger I usually can't finish, fries, Fanta grape soda and tried out Twisted Frosty chocolate with oreo! And it only cost 8++ all in all! 

Then, we resumed Christmas shopping! Mostly, all I got was for me, really. We walked back and forth between shopping malls looking for the nicest fingerless knitted gloves! Bec settled on a purple knitted one which cost 27.90 and I on a white, fingerless one with individual finger holes with the same pricetag! There was even a li'l hat thing (which Bec first thought was to put cell phones in) which you could release from the button and cover your fingers completely! Too adorbs! 

I also got the pale pink legwarmers from Tokyo at 15.90 and just gave it to Bec so she could help me wrap that in too. A li'l afraid of what my mother would say if she found out it was I who bought those! 

Bought a make-your-own necklace for 15 bucks at Diva (includes tons of alphabets so you can string whatever words you wish on the necklace - whenever you like!), and more Christmas ornaments for my tiny tree (my mother later scolded me for wasting my money again)! I originally wanted the silver set of the necklace, but Bec dropped one of the alphabets from that set on the floor. I decided to just go with the silver instead.
Another real productive day of shopping today! Pity, I brought out 100 bucks and was left with 15 by the end of the day. 
The first tagline I stringed together with my necklace in delicious gold... Seize the day!
I try on Bec's knitted fingerless gloves! Loooove 'em!
Another close-up!
Bec's completed wrapped present! P.S. Bec, if you're reading this... the vintage wrapper and the cat sticker was a total sacrifice!!! ;D
Several shots of my completed, miserable tiny Christmas tree. I didn't even manage to get decor lights or garlands for this tiny "wonder". Bummer. Next Christmas then!

"Perhaps the best Yuletide decoration is being wreathed in smiles." 
- Unknown

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