Monday, December 20

Christmas Montage I

Stayed home the entire day today! So I've got pretty much nothing interesting going on to talk about, so I picked some adorable and cool photos that kinda convey the spirit of Christmas! Hurrah it's just 5 more days to Christmas now! And I leave for the road trip in 3 days! Def psyched for it!

And damn, I woke to my father's ranting and lectures today. Mostly at my brother. I made the mistake of getting up while he was lecturing, and I ended up being pulled (albeit not willingly) into this lecture. He said he wasn't gonna let me go to college or university if I couldn't cook a decent meal. Damn it. Guess I'm gonna have to start learning how to cook a full course meal sometime soon. Hopefully I can cook a mean pasta and possibly bake a fudge brownie of some sort or conjure a cool mocktail for myself along the way...
 How snowmen in Japan looks like! Too cute!
 I wish I get to go to London someday and see sights like these... Yes, even the famous red telephone boxes or booths or whatever they're called!
 OMGosh dogs look cute in anything, even Santa hats!
 A bunny in snow! 
This picture might not have any Christmas, snowy reference, but I just had to put this up!! I love these bunnies playing dead! Adorable! They looked more like stuffed animals when I first chanced upon this tho...
..And you can't forget watching Spongebob Christmas specials!!!

"Christmas is the gentlest, loveliest festival of the revolving year - and yet, for all that, when it speaks, its voice has strong authority."  
- W.J. Cameron

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