Sunday, December 19

Candlelight Service

Had a pretty long day today, so I'm absolutely exhausted and I'll make this post a fast one! Had music lesson at 11.45AM today for a change, since my teacher is going overseas the next day. I was thus scrambling to practice my pieces the night before. Not cool. I usually leave them practicing at the last minute though, so it's not like it's anything new! Got a new piece to practice for the Christmas break though. 

I was a li'l early when I got done with my lesson, so I headed to the library close by and went there to chill! I think it's gonna be my next fave place, after my own room and the shopping malls of course. I got to the teens' section and immediately found a couple of books I could borrow! All from the same author, Lisi Harrison! Love her 'The Clique' series! Then I found this 'Who Moved my Cheese? for TEENS!' book in the Psychology section and sat at a lone sofa a level down and began reading and tweeting via my iPad! There's working wifi! Hurrah! It kinda dropped sometimes though, that's what sucks.

Met Elaine at the cafe in the library later on! I had the best onion rings (aside from the ones at Burger King). I got an early Christmas present! Hurrah! The wrapper was pretty sweet too.
I pretty much jazzed the original photo a li'l, so it looks a li'l too nicely defined in this image!

We headed to the Expo after that on the train! I hate standing all the way for nearly an hour in crowded trains, but even so, I rarely sit even when there are spare seats. Leave 'em to the preggers and oldies. I hope that doesn't leave me with mass spider veins in my legs in the future! 

The candlelight service was pretty fun. Haven't attended church or done any praise and worship since school ended last year, so I kinda forgot how fun it really is. Elaine's cell group people were pretty friendly. I've never exactly been in one before though. Pathetic, I know. Anyway, we did the usual, save for lighting our own separate candles, of course - sang worship songs, listened to several pastors share, sang again (some Christmas carols included, yay!). It ended pretty quick, about a little over two hours. The candlelight part was waaay cool. They turned off all the lights in the expo hall and we started passing the flame with our candlesticks. Hot wax! Elaine accompanied me to the bookfair still going on in another Expo hall afterwards! Found such good deals. Too bad I didn't bring enough moolah to get all I wanted >.<
Books I borrowed from the library (the shabby-looking ones of course) and one I bought for just 8 bucks at the bookfair at Expo (Claudia Gray's Stargazer)! 

"Faith is a living and unshakable confidence. a belief in God so assured that a man would die a thousand deaths for its sake." 
- Martin Luther

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