Saturday, December 18

Final Friday

It's time to break out on the couch again and start festive-watching and eating in front the TV once more! God I love Christmas so much. I'll probably end up in the state like that kitty below by the end of the holidays! Bummer.
 OMG imagine the joy living in such a pinkified, Hello-Kitty themed house. I'm in love.
Get gobbled up in a giant cheeseburger as you sleep. Coolest bed ever.

Another uneventful day today, really. Had 6 hours of lessons, then I headed home. Pretty boring life I have, I'm should be so proud *dripping with sarcasm*. We had to do another presentation of outline for Speech Communication! And I got paired with a guy I don't exactly talk to in my class for our stereo capsule radio assignment for radio since our teacher chose partners for us. Oh well. Good news is, today's the final day of classes before the holiday break starts!! Ecstatic. But totally bummed it's only till after the New Year's...

"The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder." 
- Ralph W. Sockman

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