Thursday, March 10

Ink Bottles

Headed to Raffles with Bectouille today! Not before we went to some store called CozyCot - by women, for women! She had to pick up premature-aging-preventing sunblock her mother ordered online. Anyway, once we reached Raffles, we immediately headed for Soup Spoon! Bec ordered minestrone and I, a clam chowder, and we split wedges (we asked for no spicy mayo but they gave it to us anyway, in a separate cup, no less)! Yummy. We walked 'round after that, mostly in craft stores! We got stickers. Yep, stickers. They were pretty cheap though, and the felt kind. I love, love, love the felt, velvety kind of stickers! 

Anyway. We checked out a tiny store where they apparently sold ink bottles that came with a feather quill. I just wanted to check their prices! I mean, it'd be so, so cool to write in ink, with a feather quill, just like in the Potter movies! I'd feel so vintage afterwards. It cost 59 bucks, BTW. Pretty all right, but give it an accidental knock with your elbow, and down goes that 59! The bottle was pretty small too, like the one below!
That wasn't the worst part of it all. A man approached us while we admired the ink bottle. He started explaining it to us, for some reason. When Bec whipped out her phone all of a sudden, he said, "Feel free to take a picture of it, if you like." Or something along those lines! Thing was, she wasn't even intending to take a photo! Hilarious. Then Bec asked if the ink bottle came with the quill if you bought it. I doubt the man answered the question. He simply said it's mainly married couples who buy those to sign on the papers and all that to make it look real classy. What's that gotta do with us? The question was just if the bottle came with the feather quill, for God's sake! Then, he showed us a sample of the ink-written words on a piece of paper. Then some ink bottles that were fragrant too. Weird. I'd most def not be buying that in that shop, after if he's on patrol in there! It'd be waaay weird if I went in and told him I'm buying a ink bottle, and he went all, "Congratulations! You're getting betrothed (I love using old words like that!) soon?"

Oh, not to mention, I had the best lemonade sorbet cone ice cream at Ben & Jerry's! Bec got a fudge chocolate one in a cup. Ours were the same price but I took way longer finishing mine! So not getting a cup serving ever again!

I leave you with a crying Stitch in the rain. Awwwwwww....

"Don't think it, ink it." 
- Mark Victor Hansen

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