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I don't usually step out the door on public holidays... but I did on Deepavali two days ago! I love public holidays!! Gives you (at least) a day to rest and relax, and get away from school and it all. There's another public holiday coming up in 2 weeks, and boy am I stoked for that!

Before I start crapping away on what I did on Deepavali, here's a pretty cool adaptation of the 2007 movie, Juno, starring Ellen Page (love this girl!) and Michael Cera(saw a female lookalike of him yesterday as well)! Took this make-believe poster from OceanUp! It cracked me up. Not a big fan of Miley, as you can tell. 

I woke up pretty early on that day, 'round 8AM, then prepped (and played a little of Sims 3 Pets) to meet Elaine to exercise together at the gym on the ground floor of my house! 

We went into the gym, and there were already 2 people on the treadmill (out of the 3 that were available) so we played with another gym equipment - one with 2 leg pedals that you had to step up and down. Possibly to train your leg muscles. We got bored of that one pretty fast since we couldn't figure how to operate it properly.

When two treadmills became available, we got up and started exercising on those. I was expecting I could hold up for at least an hour (continuously) on a treadmill, but both of us tired out about 10 to 15 minutes on the treadmill. I first increased the speed, of fast, brisk-walking pace, then I decreased the speed and increased the incline, so it felt like I was walking up a really steep hill (like the streets in Montmartre or Thiers). We left the gym by 10.50, which wasn't saying much, since we entered the gym around 10.20! Better luck next time, I guess?

We then went back up to my house to get showered and we left for WM to get Sogurt fro-yo! Fro-yo's my absolute guilty pleasure now! Well, THAT and Barbie movies. I took really little fro-yo, but quite a number of toppings, so that somehow only cost me a mere $2.95. And the standard price is $3/100g. I can imagine why the cashier girl looked pretty pissed at me. I shall remember to take more the next time.

Decided to watch a movie since there was too much time before we had to meet Cow, then meet the interviewee for our Radio project - a nurse, so E and I watched a 2hr26min long movie: The Help! It was absolutely moving, and it stars Emma Stone! She was amazing in Easy A. Anyway, she plays an aspiring author/journalist in the early '60s who decides to write about the African American maids who work in White families, and are known as 'The Help'; and reveal what really happens and how they are treated by their white employers. I cried about once and teared up coupla times through the movie.

The official movie poster.
It's a film adaptation of a novel! Apparently, this book caused a lawsuit... The maid of Stockett's brother accused the author of stealing her life story to use within the book!

Check out the trailer of 'The Help'! You won't regret watching it!

We met Cow at Pastamania after the movie to eat! I ordered a plate of Aglio Olio (the cheapest pasta at 4.90!) and cheese sticks (3.90, but the cheese inside doesn't stretch when you bite it - I hate that!).
Waitin' for the food...
Aglio Olio
Cheese Sticks (6 pcs)
Cow went to get sogurt fro-yo as well! Yummers!

We set off to meet the nurse for the interview for our radio show, and took a train station down to the venue! Just after we got off the train, E received a text from the said nurse, saying that she might not be able to make it for the interviewee. Typical, right? We quickly got back up the same train again (thank God it was still there) and went straight back to where we first started. We were pretty much grumbling during the train ride back!

We ended up going to Elaine's house (technically) to re-do parts of our sig tune for the radio programme! I was excited to see Juno, the house dog (a Chihuahua) again! Since it ain't my dog to begin with, I shan't put up pictures here on my blog... The Cow was deathly afraid, and told the mother in the house not to put the dog down on the floor. LOL! We all retreated into E's room to do the sig tune. Cow fell in love with the room. Hints of red and black here and there in the furniture. There was a black sofa bed and a red carpet. Also other pretty nice accents to a room.

We ended up singing a tune in time to the old nursery rhyme, Bingo (they were written by composers eons ago, so it's all public domain now! No copyright issues!) and we finished in about an hour and a half!

Just before we left, we got to pet Juno and play with it a little! I even got to carry her for a bit! Juno's 'mother' was a sweetheart, and was really friendly to us outsiders! When Juno was laid down on the floor, she hounded after the Cow and jumped around her and up her legs! Soooo adorable. Poor Cow was scared stiff. HAHAHA.


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