Wednesday, November 2

Of Weddings and Cupcakes

I've completed an assignment way ahead of time (just 2 days early, really) so I'll start blogging again for now! I've yet to reply emails, write letters, study a li'l bit of Français... So much to do, so little time! And it's mostly just photobombing the food I ate recently too. I should really re-evaluate my diet and spend my moolah wisely - I spent 50 bucks a day for the past TWO days! 

Anywho, I went to a wedding the last 2 or 3 weeks or so, and my mother's longtime friend's daughter (who's also my ex-tuition teacher) got hitched to a Filipino guy! I went for both the church service for the wedding ceremonial ties and all that and the dinner at the hotel (my memory is failing me so much - I don't even remember the name of the hotel!). Both times I went just for the food. I'm not proud of it.

My mother and I drove to the Catholic church bright and early. There were already quite a few Filipinos (related to the groom of course) and some other people related to the bride. Long story short, it was pretty romantic and all, and it was a little weird since most people there (even the Filipinos) were Catholics and did that head-shoulder-shoulder hand movement thingy Catholics do. I guess it's an extra action they gotta do after they say 'Amen'? And when they kneeled to pray, my mother and I continued sitting on our pews. I kinda felt like kneeling down then, too, so I wouldn't feel so awkward, but my mother would have scolded me anyways.
 The interior of the church!

After the whole ceremonial thing was over, we moved outside for catered food! The food wasn't all that, honestly. The only thing I enjoyed was the cupcake! There were tons of 'em displayed on a table, and my mother took one for us to share. She really watches her weight 24/7. I ate practically the whole cupcake, while my mother took a few bites. The decorative 'metal balls' on the cupcake were delish! 

At night, we left for the hotel! My mother circled the entrance of the Orchard area (by St. Regis) about thrice, and only managed to find the hotel on the 4th try! Hilarious. Turns out it was just a building away from St. Regis Hotel! And it was really dark out so she couldn't see the tiny path for cars towards the hotel lobby. 

The set-up in the room was really pretty! Looked pretty elegant and classy, and I loved the wedding favors! Little trinket boxes (different designs!) and a box of 2 chocolates wrapped nicely in ribbon! 

My mother's, grandmother's and mine! So pretty, non?
 I was bored and I took a chocolate out to eat. Taken with my lousy camera phone...
A live band assembled at the stage! They sang pretty cool songs throughout the event. Some Adele, a little Bruno Mars... I loved it!

A (rose?) display on the ground. All the vines remind me of 'Beauty and the Beast'!

Okay, that's it for the wedding. Pretty short, but I can't remember that much about it anyway. 
I had my first Alliance Française lesson last Saturday! Bec's dad drove us to the nearest train station, and we walked there with loads of time to spare!

Our teacher was called 'Bernadette' and she was pretty good in teaching I suppose! But I find learning out of a textbook pretty snoozy. But perhaps that's because we'd already done that chapter she was teaching then. And most of our classmates were adults! Only 2 other females in the classroom looked around the same age as Bec and I. And we were hoping the class would be filled with adults too, so that we could be "better" than them! HAHAHA. But their French wasn't at all bad.

Anyway, the lessons were a lot like the ones at Cavilam! The teachers talked mostly en Français and asked us questions in French, and we were supposed to answer back in French (of course). Lots of thinking involved, for sure! Bec also saw 2 French teachers who she attended classes with previously at Alliance! I guess most French teachers teach at Alliance for some extra ka-ching!

We had a half-hour long break in between, and the café, Olio, sells some pretty expensive stuff! Pastas start from $11.90 and 2 cold tortilla wraps cost $5++ (which I later bought after class!) Definitely bringing my own food from this week onwards!

 Our seats and in-built tables. Pathetic.

I shall post about the petanque competition I went to after Alliance that day in a separate post...
My Bronze medal!

A buttery croissant and cookies & cream whoopie pie at Starbucks! Yummers.

 Sogurt I ate yesterday with E! I tried to take a lot more this time 'round, for fear of the wrath of the Sogurt employee! I'm pretty sure she was shooting me daggers the last time 'round... Mine was about 5 bucks after a $1 discount!

E and I went up to Swensens afterwards for dinner! I blew off the rest of my money there... 
Cow translated my blog to Chinese in Feature Writing tutorial today. We LOLed at the silly translation from English to Chinese. Double-click to view the picture wider!

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