Monday, November 21

Random Musings of the Day

Amazing, I've actually got the blogging mood after my last post about 20 days ago, amidst all the assignments that are due comin' up. Needless to say, feelin' the pressure, but not feelin' up to actually DOING the work. I've seriously gotten WAAAAY lazier over the years. I swear, I wasn't as lax as this in secondary school!

Okay, it sounds pretty boring up to here, so I shall talk about the photos I've got for today's blog post! It is surely way more exciting than my mundane life.

This is one of the pretty recent photos I took at Suntec City's Convention Centre with my lousy camera phone. It's ain't too shabby, I reckon. SO. PROUD. Still, some people thinks I have lousy photography skills. Bah. They are pebbles surrounding a huge column extending to the ceiling with water slipping against it to the circular water bed around it! So purdy!
Sorry about the lighting. That was Swensen's bad lighting. My mother treated Elaine to Swensens when we planned to head to Esplanade to do our radio project! Awesome~! We had this lovely concoction of ice cream, marshmallows in fudge, and Oreo cookies! I only disliked the banana in the center.
I put all the sweets I had in my refridgerator into this sweet ol' plastic jar. Everything else (even candy corn!) stuck to the caramel toffee bonbons I bought in Paris. This makes me think of a beehive. Yuck.
Wondered how THIS came about? Alleyne came across the left photo of the baby girl while she was bored in Feature Writing tutorial. Then she got bored during Public Relations tutorial, and combined these two photos together (the right one courtesy of the Cow's newly-activated FB account!). HILARIOUS! She posted this edited photo to Facebook, and boy, did it get some popularity (not that much really - just a coupla people)! There was even an in-class advertising of that photo on FB by the teacher, when A spilled to her when she was asked what she was laughing about (most teachers seems to be asking her that these days...) The photo is totes adorbs! AIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!

The final thing I'm gonna show for this post is about the newest function for Apple's newest version of the iPhone (4S!) - Siri! It basically helps you send texts, call someone, Google search something, make notes, the list goes on... The cool part is it does all that by responding to your voice! Check out the hilarious video below of how Siri really helps in a relationship. You won't even have to face the person with the help of Siri! Peace out! xx


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