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How I Spent Christmas Day

Well, once again, it's been more than an entire month since I've last blogged! But there'll be a whole slew of new posts coming up! Wouldn't wanna keep my non-existent readers of the blog waiting! Anyway, before I forget...

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... And have a spanking new year! 
I love, love, love Christmas! Here's what I love about it! 

I usually begin listening to Christmas songs from end of October... I know, crazy right? I get into the Christmas spirit waaay too early! Here are some of the Christmas songs I'm currently listening to!

"Baby It's Cold Outside"

"Chestnuts" by Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies

Christmas shopping in departmental stores and anywhere else for Christmas presents! Also, the thought of receiving Christmas gifts as well!
Good ol' Saint Nick living right in Finland's Laplands on a fell named "Korvatunturi", according to my Finnish penpal! One Finnish Christmas tradition: Finland families with little children usually hire someone (a relative, etc.) to come over on Christmas Eve dressed up as Santa Claus to deliver the bought presents to the kids! How adorbs!

Christmas cookies, and any other type of food that signifies Christmas! Especially...

Christmas cookies
Gingerbread men!

Also, holiday sweaters! Well, my taste for Christmas sweaters ain't exactly like this one... I prefer those with reindeers on 'em! A little like this one:

Besides, what would Christmas be without a REINDEER sweater? ;)

Hoping... and hoping to get a letter from Santa from the one you sent him months ago!

Reading funny ICANHAZ cats captions, especially on the topic of Christmas!

Wooden horses

scared of santa
Having a good laugh at photos of kids getting scared of Santa Clause! (This particular Santa looks like an ape, anyway.)

Christmas lights!

Christmas Tree
And you can't forget the Christmas tree! I recall I bought a small Christmas tree (one of those commercialised ones without a branch but a knitted box as a base) last year, but I'd no idea where my mother placed it, but I'm far too lazy to bring it out to decorate. No one ever drops by my house for Christmas anyway. Next Christmas, then!

You may think I'd have a wonderful Christmas, seeing how much I love so many aspects of it right? Truth is, I don't even have a Christmas tree decorated at home, nor have I hung Christmas lights, or even bought a Christmas sweater for myself. But I have been watching Christmas movies, wrapping Christmas gifts and listening to Christmas songs! That's just me trying to convince myself I'm having a wonderful Christmas...

Anyways, I went for Christmas service at Glory Presbyterian Church close by with Elaine and her "friend"! Becky was supposed to come to, but not surprisingly, she overslept and missed it! It was pretty all right though. Nothing I didn't expect! Singing hymns, a Christmas song, listening to a sermon and reading scriptures... I went home after that!

...And opened Christmas presents I'd already received and was saving for Christmas morning! 
The first one I opened was from Becky! I got 3 presents!

 A mini glitter lamp! It has an on-off switch at its base! Pretty!

Where should I put it...?
 An owl necklace!
 And the wooden mannequin from Typo I've been aching to have for AGES! Becky got it a month ago. She did a great job pretending she hadn't gotten it for me already when we went Christmas shopping this week.
 Unwrapping it!

And from Alleyne! She told me its price, but I shan't reveal it here~ ;)
 Pretty wrapping paper! It's really thin though.

 A Scrapbook Kit from Precious Moments! How precious!
Always wanted a scrapbook... but couldn't afford it! I shall start scrapbooking with it as soon as I have the time! Thanks, Alleyne!

Also got a package (that I had to personally collect from the post office again since no one was home when the postman came!) from my Korean penpal, Jenna! Love all her presents! 
 The package.
 A pig-rabbit! I told her I loved the Korean drama "You're Beautiful", and she gave me this cell-phone holder with a stuffed pig rabbit by its side! The pig-rabbit was a symbolic character in the drama series! So cute!
 Closer view for you to get envious of it!
 She also gave 2 boxes of instant noodles - the best and favourite brand in Korea! Can't wait to try 'em!
That's all the Christmas presents I have for now! I'm expecting 4 more! Hurrah! (I hope that didn't make me sound at all conceited - HAHA!)

Once again...
Vintage Christmas  Fairy
(I just had to say it again)

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