Wednesday, October 26

Sleepover the First

Damn it's getting really annoying to start blogging again now that I'm not doing it as a daily thing. Doing something out of habit really irritates the hell outta me, but I don't have all the time I'd like to blog EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Anyway, I'm typing up this late post and periodically looking up towards the ceiling every minute or so at the (bees?) at the ceiling lamp. They buzz, and are attracted to light (not flowers!), so I'm not sure whether they really are bees are not. I'm majorly creeped out.

Well, I shan't beat around the bush in this post, since I'll be up pretty early tomorrow morning for a morning run with E in the gym, then for some morning fro-yo! Then we'd have to meet a nurse for an interview for Radio 2! Argh, my schedule is waaay too tight, even for a public holiday. (Okay, I get that I'm around beating around the bush here!) I'm absolutely hooked on this 1970s comedy TV series called 'Mind Your Language' (more later!) and the English teacher said, "I won't beat around the bush" and this Muslim student replied, "What bush?" HILARIOUS!

Getting straight to the crux of this blog post... I had my first, ever sleepover (I know, I'm already 19 and I've never had ONE sleepover before?) and Alleyne opened her room up to us since her grandparents were away to Jakarta. She previously asked 'em once but they refused. Seems kinda awful to be lying to them this way though... lol.

Mells didn't turn up to the sleepover at all, bummer. She had an international buffet at a hotel, that lucky girl. And Bec only stayed till dinner, 'cos she most likely couldn't stay the night (only 'cos she finally asked her mother if she could stay for dinner!).

My mother picked up the Cow first, since she lived nearest to me, then Bec! And off we went to Jaya Towers! It was hilarious how she asked Cow what her name was in the car...
 Alleyne prepared 2 extra mattresses for us! Only the Cow and yours truly stayed the night, though Cow nearly left 'cos Bec was scaring her with stories of Teletubbies (Alleyne owned some of those stuffed toys). I miss my childhood, thinking of Teletubbies! Used to watch 'em all the time eons ago. The mattress in the middle was meant for me. It looks way too short and small, does it not?

When we've all reached the house, we hung out for awhile (that's the extent to which I can describe - I'm exhausted from petanque practice anyways) and then ordered pizza from Canadian Pizza! It was surprisingly good. The first and only time I tried it previous, the pizzas sucked. We ordered a 6-Cheese and Turkey Bacon Regulars, with garlic bread and cheesy chicken balls (that just looked like hotdogs). 

We retreated back to her room after that, and started scaring Cow more, listening to Canto music on Alleyne's iTunes (this just applies to the Cow and Alleyne - Bec and I held back) and Disney and Christmas music, Photobooth-ed a little, videoed and snapped photos of Cow (this has got to be a legit pastime or something for us!) and stayed there all the way till 5:30 in the evening when we went out to Cold Storage to buy food items for our dinner! Alleyne paid for most of it (I forked out 17 bucks! ;D) and everything we got there totaled about 60 bucks! Insane! 
 SOME of the stuff we got at Cold Storage! Kettlekorn (microwave popcorn!!), mini marshmallows, salsa dip and Heinz mushroom soup and Red Rock Deli chips! LOOOOVES!

The Cow, Bec and I tried to help out a little as we prepped dinner! Needless to say, Alleyne did most of the cooking - we had pasta, mushroom soup and salad! Everything tasted really good! And I did learn a few cooking tips, and this is from someone who only knows how to cook instant noodles and ready-to-be-cooked pasta (just add water, milk, and boil/microwave and its ready to go!). All the pictures below to make you DROOL!

 The Cow looking at my pasta longingly.
 I don't usually like (excessive) tomato sauce in my pasta, but this one just looks so good!
 Salad with Thousand Island dressing!

After the main courses, we had ice-cream, then roasted marshmallows! We held them over a candle fire that was melted into a piece of plastic! One of my marshmallows burst into flames 'cos I held it too long over the fire! Scary.

After Bec had to leave for home, which was approximately 8:20PM (we all walked her down!), we began to watch 'Mind Your Language' on Alleyne's Mac! The show is utterly hilarious. We also popped Kettlekorn to eat and watch! It was awesome - watching it unfold in the microwave! First time I tried microwave popcorn!
You'll Like It Better Or My Name Isn't... Orville Redenbacher's!
Slightly sweet and slightly salty! It smelled and tasted heavenly!

After watching a coupla episodes of 'Mind Your Language' and laughing rather hard at all the jokes in there, then an episode of Big Bang Theory, then Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince in the dark! Alleyne and I (especially moi) did all sorts of things to get the Cow to pay attention and not fall asleep (we promised to sleep ONLY at 3AM!)

We all ended up sleeping a few minutes earlier than that, about 2AM! But Cow definitely fell asleep earlier than the 2 of us did! She was too frightened to watch 'Insidious' with us (the COW-ard! HA!) so Alleyne and I watched it instead. I fell asleep about half hour into the movie (or earlier, I don't remember) and woke up a little later through the movie and sharply asked Alleyne what she was doing when I saw her shutting her Mac (and the movie!). I initially thought I was still watching the movie and wondered why she would close the movie like that!

We all slept after that, and I woke up earliest at 8:30 in the morning (I'm proud to say)!
Alleyne and I continued watching Insidious all the way to the end while the Cow covered her ears and later decided it was better if she watched another movie on her iPhone instead (Kungfu Panda 2!). Insidious scared me pretty well (but not enough for nightmares - I rarely get them watching horror) and the ending totally confused me.

And I found out (okay, it was kinda old news to me) I have pretty bad sleeping habits! I snore (eww) and I tend to stretch in my sleep, hitting whoever's close to me in the process. So verdict is, I hit Alleyne as I stretched in my sleep. Harsh.

For breakfast, we had pancake from the pancake mix we bought at Cold Storage the previous day! We finished making the entire tub of mix into pancakes! So fun!

I went for music lesson after that (Alleyne did too, at Cristofori for her first adult piano music lesson - different locations albeit!).

Pretty boring post, so I shan't make it any worse.

I'll be blogging tmrw night, hopefully! Tata, au revoir, adios! Share

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