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Nineteen Candles

Another one of my really delayed posts... I'm blogging about my birthday, believe it or not. Which was way back on 17th of August! Haven't had a chance to actually blog about it! Anyway, on that 'special' day, I turned 19 (which is really old - I'll be in my 2nd decade next year!) and I woke (okay I don't really remember how early or late I woke, but I made it in time for my lunch date with Elaine at Cacio e Pepe (which literally translates to cheese and pepper in Italian!), a family Italiano restaurant a short distance from my house!
 Exterior of the restaurant! Photo courtesy of Cacio e Pepe.
Interior of the restaurant! Photo courtesy of Cacio e Pepe.

And I also received my present from E! She actually got me Selena Gomez's new album that I so wanted but couldn't afford to buy. Awesomest friend ever!

 Free bread with olive oil!
I don't recall what soup this was.
Lava cake for dolci ('dessert' in Italian)! More photobombing of the lava cake below! Photo courtesy of Cacio e Pepe.

Doesn't all that hot fudge just make you drool?! ;))

At night, my father arrived home and we all went out for my birthday dinner at the Rail Mall! They initially wanted some Chinese restaurant, but thank goodness it was gone. We went instead to some American diner slash restaurant bar called BLooiE's Roadhouse! I loved the ambience! I wish i had a better camera then to take a picture of the place! It was really dark (like what'd you expect from a restaurant bar) and there was even a pool table in the premises!

But this is how it looks like in the day:

I didn't manage to take ace photos of what I ordered (I ordered quesadillas, which were AWESOME!), but here's a rather lone, pathetic photo of my drink. I don't even remember what it was.

I even got a sort-of birthday gift from my mother - an awesome 65USD (original price before it added to courier and shipping which cost 100 bucks over in total) Harry Potter Gryffindor wool scarf from Noble Collection! My Korean penpal, Jenna recommended me to that HP replica online store! Love everything that's for sale there! But all of 'em are just as pricey. They sell lots of awesome wands that belonged to various wizards in the Harry Potter movies!

It came just in time, a few days before I was scheduled to go to France! Thank goodness! It's made from 100% wool, and it tickles at your neck a little bit when you wear it! It was so worth the price, however expensive it is!

The Collector's Box that came with the scarf!
 You can see my shadow on the box. Annoying much?
 Opening the box... So pretty!
A sneak peek at the scarf. Didn't want to take it out of the box before I went to France!

And for the majority of the rest of this insanely boring, excessive-photo post, snapshots of all my birthday loot! Received them at different times though!
Got this first birthday package from my Korean penpal, Jenna pretty early, way before my birthday in August! 

Contents: Bubblegum, LOTTE chocolate pies! A carton box full of food! ;D I've long finished the chocolate pies. They taste so awesome. Apparently, most Korean soldiers miss this snack the most while they are away from home! How cool is that? I saw them sell here, thank goodness, but I haven't had the chance to purchase them yet! 

And the 2nd birthday package from Jenna! Got this much later!
Contents: A Taylor Swift rollout poster, a mirror-and-comb set, a 'Le Petit Prince' pen, a mousepad, an non-electromagnetic waves sticker, a Korean metro card, a birthday card!
I wish I could go to Korea soon so I could make use of this metro card!
A birthday card written in Korean! Too confusing.

And following is the birthday package from Alleyne! She gives the coolest gifts!
Contents: A waterproof film camera, additional film roll (I think she'd known if I opened the casing that encloses the film, it would be destroyed...), wax seal that spells 'I', and some chocolates from Australia! (I think?)
The wax seal kit! Haven't had a chance to try it yet, but it looks awesome when it's used!

Next set of birthday package was from my Texan penpal, Missy! I only received this after I got back from France! Loved the surprise when my mother passed it to me when I got home from the airport... Something that will keep me distracted from missing France too much.
Contents: Miley Cyrus Max Azria Ruffle-Collared Tunic (it's still pretty, even if I dislike Miley Cyrus), a birthday card!

A really pretty, pink birthday card!
Received this friendship bracelet from Missy earlier before I went to France. Unfortunately, I wore it one too many times, and the lace loosened. I wore it in France, and unfortunately, I'd no idea I'd dropped it till I returned. I might've dropped it around the Notre Dame area or at the Louvre. Bummed.

The gifts below (mostly scrapbooking supplies!) are from Mells and Cow! They surprised me with the gifts in one of the final TVPROD classes. They came in a pretty cute Hello Kitty wrapping paper!

This one is from Bectouille! More scrapbooking supplies! They really do know what I like ;DD
Cute wrapping paper as well!
When I opened the present in Wendy's (we were studying for an exam there), I saw the Givenchy box and my face gave it all away. Bec laughed after that. Hey, a girl can dream!

Antique, vintage sticker stamps!
What's underneath...?
More vintage stickers! Sooo adorable!
Bec whatsapped me this effect-erised photo of her birthday card for me! So pretty!

Voila! I'm all completed with my birthday packages for this year! Just realised I'd received lots of presents this year, which I hadn't enjoyed in a really long time. Well, not since my birthday party in Primary 2 that is. Nothing really feels different about turning 19, honestly. I just feel more depressed, turning older each day. But I get that some days, not just on my birthday! 

Anyway, enjoy the rest of my random photos below. Tata!
 A package from my Japanese penpal, Juri (haven't heard from her in a long while!)
 Bought these chocolate mochi at Nippon-ya in ION! Haven't exactly opened them up to eat yet... They cost really expensive though!
And last weekend, I went out with me mum to town and got this much loot! Hurrah! Shopping at Harrods gave me a Christmas mood of sorts...

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