Friday, February 19

Fast Food, Designer-style!

I had updated my first chapter of my novel-blog, Stalking Hams just earlier on! It seems to be getting on pretty well. I've got tons of inspiration and I've got the plot and all planned out. Sort of. It's just the matter of time that I have, and tonnnns of procrastination that's in the way! Here's a short extract from the first chapter:
      The customer caught sight of a tiny package next to grooming brushes for rabbits. Protected by plastic, was some form of string made of pink cloth - but thicker. It formed a loop.

      "What is this for?" The customer held up the package for the shop owner to see.
      "Aye, that's a leash for small animals that is."
      "How about hamsters?"
      "That'd work too. Just don't tie that 'round their necks. It'd choke 'em yer see."
      The customer placed two of the packages in his basket of purchases.

Well, there's that. The rest is for you to think about! After all, a scope for imagination motivates the most brilliant of minds! For the most part of the first chapter, it'd be in the human point of view. It becomes more of the hamsters' point of view later on.

I'm deadly positive almost everyone got rather sick of fast food at least once, or have eaten it before, surely (Sorry, kids in poorer parts of the world). But once you've seen pictures of this, you'll be left wanting for more. Maybe just for the sake of collection if you ain't gonna eat it. I've come across these pictures on some blog, and I forgot its URL :x Sorry guys. Anyway, here they are. Fast food from leading brands (I'll enlarge them a wee bit for droolers out there)!
Ice Cream by Paul Smith
Burger by Burberry
Fries in a Box by Gucci
More Fries by Herm├ęs

I was shopping one day with my mother and brother at an all-Japanese store. All items priced at just 2 bucks! Anyway, I found this cute panda-eyed but-not-a-panda porcelain ornament while waiting for my mother to pay for stuff. I took a random shot of it, trying not to let anybody see me holding up a phone facing atop the glass cabinet(Hey, it gets embarrassing during moments like this!). Here's the badly-taken shot. I cropped it a little. There were other figures in the way.

Well, I'm just about done here! It's the quote and then ta-ta! It's a spesh pictured one of Russian dolls this time! Too cute!


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