Saturday, February 20

Watch and Greens

Really running out of material to blog on within a short post I can complete in less than half an hour, since I'm rather pressed for time! Sucks to be me :x So I'll just post up a few pretty cool pictures and be done here!

I was shopping with my cousin one day and we were almost at the end of our short little spree (due to what little moolah we had left, of course). We came into this tiny corner store in a newly-opened mall which wasn't really completed yet, so there were some pretty bare spaces at the basement. This shop sold these really cool clocks (or a watch-bracelet you could call it) for just a mere 10 bucks. Of course I should get it, right? So I did. I chose the purple-colored one over a sea blue watch-bracelet. I haven't had a chance to wear it out yet. Here's a snapshot I took of it:
The lighting's awful here!

Here's a picture of last year's Christmas gingerman cookie I got. Store-bought of course. It's sadly been ages since my mother was willing to get down to baking... Of course, after I was done with it... Well, all there's left to say was even the ribbon ain't spared.

Found some cool graphics yet again while surfing the net! Some campaign for 'Grow your Greens'! It's all about the veggies! Enjoy!

Hidden message behind the Vegetables: GROW YOUR GREENS!
A Happy Cucumber Family(without faces): A New Cumby on the Way!
Life Quotes
Love this quote by Audrey Hepburn!

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