Friday, February 26

My Much-Needed Exercise

 I finally got the exercise I so LACKED in the past I don't know... 9 months? If you call hiking an exercise that is! Went to my friend, Rebecca's house today! I got some pretty rad souvenirs she got overseas early February this year! And some stuff she didn't exactly want... like a little notebook and a graphic paper bag! Ha, thanks! Met her grandparents for the first time too. Her grandfather seemed rather mysterious and aloof to me, but that's probably 'cos I haven't got grandfathers now. Had a pasta meal too. ;D

Afterwards, we played word boardgames - 'UPWORDS'. Never tried it before. It's similar to 'SCRABBLE', just that you get to stack up letters to a maximum of five! Pretty fun. We decided to head up to this pet store way at the back of all the semi-detached houses and bungalows. Of course, it was a looong hike there. We stopped at about 2 playgrounds along the way. And guess what? I scratched my back while going down a successful triangle-rope climb and the pet shop turned out to be CLOSED, for LUNCH! Just our luck! We did see this ENORMOUS Siberian Husky behind the closed doors of the store! It looked just so MISERABLE in there! Poor guy. Then, we continued hiking to the nearest shopping centre for a little breather. Our legs just went all JELL-O walking that long!

Anyway, thought I'd just share this rather cool picture of rainbow lips! The teeth scares me.

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