Thursday, February 25

Nature and Life

This is just gonna be a short post about the little things in life! And some stuff about navigation bars! I took these pictures from the National Geographic magazine. Of course, I tweaked some of the pictures with poorer lighting. I personally like the one of the boy playing the violin in the classroom. Enjoy them!

              ABOVE: A sounding note of hope!
           ABOVE: Children on a home-made swing!
ABOVE: This wasn't taken from the National Geographic magazine, I think.
ABOVE: Sorry for the poor quality. It's supposed to be a waterfall, with the rainbow at the corner!

And today, I finally learnt how to make a menu/navigation bar for my blogs! I tried it out on my practice blog, of course! Here's a snapshot. The navigation bars are the light pink ones!I had the blank one 'cos I couldn't think of anything else to put in... BTW, this blog background and the velvety-like paper is created by yours truly!

"Coincidence makes sense only with you."
- Björk

P.S: Below's my new signature I'm putting at the end of every post from now on! A far cry from the one written with a mouse huh?

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