Thursday, March 18

Everybody's Irish on St. Patty's Day!

I'm Irish today! 'Cos everybody's Irish on St. Patrick's Day! I didn't exactly wear a green outfit today, 'cos I stayed home the entire time! Even if I did go out, I wouldn't have any green clothing. Bummer. I didn't even feel the luck o' the Irish today! But in honour of the whole St. Patty's Day charade (and Irish and leprechauns), I'll put up some pretty cool graphics and pictures about it! Enjoy!

All right, that's about it! Great, now when I speak to myself in my mind, I've got this whole Aussie accent! I've been watching too much of the Australian series 'H20: Just Add Water'! It's basically about 3 normal teenage girls who get transformed into mermaids whenever they touch water (even just a drop!) after 10 seconds! It's addictive ;D But more about it in the future! It's bloody brilliant really, having an all different accent in your mind, much different from how I speak.

Anyway, I was home all day today, and my gran started pulling out the old school files and getting me to throw away them. Annoying right? So I got to my old pieces of artwork I'd done for exams and all (I dropped Art in my last year; I just couldn't take it). I took some snapshots of them before I threw them away to the recycle bin, just for memory's sake! My Art absolutely sucked. Here's the evidence:
ABOVE: The best lobster I'd drawn in all my pieces. THEME: Seafood
ABOVE: And this was the best I could do for drawing fish. THEME: Seafood
ABOVE: This is supposed to be space. It's done in simply color pencils!
ABOVE: An attempt at drawing an old woman. Turned out as a caricature! THEME: Wrinkled
ABOVE: All right, so I auto-fixed this artwork! The universe and big asteroid was done in paint!

"Refresh my memory. Are the Leprechauns the good or the bad Transformers?"
- @MrBigFists on Twitter

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