Thursday, March 18

Fakin' the Flight

Becky and I went to the airport today! She'd forgotten to bring a card of some sort for a free gift at NEWLOOK, so we didn't have anywhere else to go. It's pretty much boring everywhere... Anyway, spontaneity is KEY!! The weather was hell awesome today. Rainy and gloomy, just like in England! I wore a pair of boots (thank goodness for leather!), a quarter-plaid tunic I got from Hong Kong, and black pants! So begins the long transportation ride to the airport! We walked and took trains between the different terminals, explored a little bit, and ate simply McDonalds! We're running out on the moo-lah!! Still, it's nice having fast food a little once in a while. Just not too often! It's barfy.

We took the travelators too (just looooove them so!), and couldn't find the ones that go 'UP' when we left to go home. They all go down. Crappy much? I got this   
collectible Hello Kitty figurine that changes facial expressions when you press this   
★ on its costume and it comes with this travel diary of the country the figurine's costume and all is supposed to be from! I got Holland. I wanted Japan, but I picked the wrong box accidentally.
On our way home, we stopped at this scrapbooking store in the city mall and Becky bought some 'Mrs. Field's' cookies and special PINK glitter! On the other hand, I was a little too thrifty on spending!   

Just added a silicon keyboard skin to my Macbook! Too bad it's all GREEN! I'd have liked white or pink, but my mother's pink one is torn in the middle, thanks to moi :x I'll probably get a special Apple skin later in the year, though that cost twenty bucks! Screams ex-y!!! 

So I watched the American Idol latest results show re-run, and thank GOD Katie Stevens, Aaron Kelly and Siobhan Magnus didn't come close to being booted from the comp! It's always a sad thing to see people leave though... And this time 'round, it's Lacey Brown! I feel she's got a really good, unique voice that's meant to sing ballads, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be! I think Crystal Bowersox looks a bit of a bully though. Just sayin'!

Anyway, Selena Gomez just posted the trailer of her latest upcoming movie, 'Ramona and Beezus'! I'd previously put up the movie poster weeks ago on this blog! I'm hell excited for this family flick! Well, technically, I've been anticipating it ever since Sel started FILMING it in Vancouver, Canada! Anyway, enjoy the trailer below, with a few words from Selena (Beezus) herself!

'Ramona & Beezus' Theatrical Trailer

More deets on LUNCH at a restaurant and techie stuff tmrw! Ciaoooo xx

"If we're truly meant to be, then we'll find our way back to each other. It's as simple as that." - Dawson's Creek


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