Saturday, March 20

The Searching Lamb and the Dog-Sledding

Well, I came across this video by @TheEllenShow (a.k.a the comedian, Ellen DeGeneres, also a judge on American Idol!) on Twitter! She shows it on her ever-popular television show, and it's about these adorable animals on home videos! Check 'em out below! I personally prefer the dogs frolickin' in the snow. But I don't hate on lambs!

ABOVE: How adorable are they?!
Anyway, we went to lunch at a 'Restaurant Ember' today with my mother, bro, and Gran. We had to rush and all, since it was a reservation, and ended up taking the taxi ;D The food was pretty good, but they took rather long to get to our table. I ordered a wild mushroom soup with white truffle oil, linguine pasta with some special something-holland-something sauce that was all green and yellow (but still quite good), and a homemade tiramisu with rhum and something else!

ABOVE & BELOW: Tiramisu!

My brother and I went home on the bus while my mother and Gran went shopping in the vicnity (spelling?!) after. I stood up the ENTIRE ride home. And almost halfway through the journey, the reckless driver suddenly moved somehow that I, standing in a corner, not holding the poles, fell forward a few steps, nearly crashed into several people. Cringe-worthy much? Two oldies went all, "Be careful, hold onto the poles." Lucky me. Now, the bones in my lower leg feels all funny and achy now!
"If I held you any closer I would be on the other side of you."
- Groucho Marx

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