Sunday, March 21

It's the Time of the Year Again...

to lone! Well, after my vaca to Tokyo, Japan in exactly TWO weeks, I officially start studying again. Bummer. There'd been TONS of paperwork to fill up for enrolment and all, and that's such a trouble! Anyway, they offer this foreign language ENHANCEMENT programme for us, and I had trouble choosing between French and Japanese for awhile. But recently I found out the due date of the Japanese language registration was pushed a few days earlier. Becky also decided not to go for it due to the time and everything. I chose French in the end. And obvs, I'd know absolutely NO ONE there! But still, I'm used to the loning. I can deal. I hope. 

Anyway, I'd just came home from a wedding dinner at a restaurant. My brother stayed home. The food was mostly seafood, and I'm darn sick of it all now! Just hope I don't get Hepatitis A or something. The bride and groom wasn't anyone I recognised, but they ain't so distant relatives either. Anyways, this one dish came up, and it had this edible flower at the side of the plate. I reached for it, but my mother slapped my hand away (rude, I know) and told me to leave it for this girl toddler across the table. So I did. When she took the pink flower, before she could even eat it, it DROPPED on the floor. Well, if I'd had that goddamn flower, I wouldn't have done that. Still, I'm mean for even thinking that. Little kids are the one who gets what they want right? 

No quote for the day apologies! I'm just too lazy to pull up that extra window to find one!

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