Tuesday, March 23

Floppin' Home

All right, my new PERSONALISED Twitter background is all done! Here's the blank one provided by ShabbyBlogs!

And when I was done with it... (More help doing THAT on my currently-upgrading tut blog!)

ABOVE: Can't see the fine black print? Those are just my links! See it clearly here

Anyway, on to other matters, I was going home from an exhausting day at work at my mother's office, and I was trying to walk as quickly as I could in my already-crumbling flip flops past the slow business people. Bad idea. As I sped up, the fabric that ran between my big toe and the four others on my left flippie tore away from it! Disaster! And I could have sworn the businessmen who I'd overtook (just that little while) was smirking as I suddenly stopped in my tracks and looked down at my flippies. Thank GOD i hadn't walked too far from the office. Called my mother and I wore her black heels instead. And believe it or not, they weren't stilettos, but they were just as HARD to walk in! Trying to maintain a balancing act on the transportation all that while. Cringe-worthy moment!

"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."
- Albert Einstein

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