Tuesday, March 30

Hong Kong Disneyland: December 2009

Well, I haven't had a chance lately to post up pictures of my trip to Hong Kong last year! It was spectacular! Just can't wait to try another Disneyland in another land in early April! Woot! Okay, photo fest and more deets about each of them below!

ABOVE: First poster I saw along a corridor filled with other posters. Didn't have time to snap the rest!
ABOVE: Vintage-like shophouses. Christmas wreaths and other deco line the streets too!
ABOVE: Some pretty lovely bins here.
ABOVE: The Christmas Parade
ABOVE: I think this was part of the parade too. I can't remember, forgive moi!
ABOVE: Chip & Dale's special cart parading through the streets.
ABOVE: The Science experiments by what's-his-name in the Tarzan movies.
ABOVE: Kitchen utensils in Tarzan's Treehouse.
ABOVE: Books and a gramophone of what's-her-name, a.k.a Tarzan's girl!
ABOVE: Some pretty cool lamps hanging near the ceiling!
ABOVE: This is a ceiling somewhere in Disneyland too.
ABOVE: Full view of the Tarzan's Treehouse attraction!
ABOVE: The square, wooden, fenced raft you see in the centre was what we had to got on to get to Tarzan's Treehouse!
ABOVE: A fake baby elephant we saw along a Jungle Boat Ride!
ABOVE: Fake crocodiles. Seriously thought these were real. And till now, I'm still suspicious of their genuinity! This ride was scary in some parts, e.g. the Red Indians, spontaneous bouts of fire, voodoo/witchcraft stuff.
ABOVE: Water comes up out of the centre of the ground sometimes.
ABOVE: Some pretty neat foliage around here.
ABOVE: A railroad train! Love it - it's so vintage! Plus there're names of destinations in USA on the back, like Kentucky or something!
ABOVE: The railway station.
ABOVE: My Disneyland sugary gums. Have I posted this before?

Here are my thoughts on Hong Kong Disneyland: I think it's pretty cool, most especially the fireworks at the end above Cinderella's Castle. But I wouldn't say the rides are awesome. The Stitch roller-coaster ride gave all of us a splitting headache. I didn't get a chance to ride the carousel tho... Pity. I loved the Jungle Ride on the boat however! I can't exactly remember the rest... The souvenir shops are definitely pretty and all vintage-like in appearance. Hopefully, I have a better time in Tokyo Disneyland soon! But that post is gonna have to wait, for now!

Since it's all about Disneyland in this post, here's a quote (truly genius!) by Walt Disney, founder of the whole Disney thing!
"Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."

- Walt Disney

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