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Question Tags, the Frenchies PLUS: Countdown to Earth Hour Part Two

This is my first attempt doing a proper tag! This one is made by Madison and she said that anyone who wanted it could take it! So I'll try it now! I'm gonna be including a start time when I start answering the questions - and the end time, when I'm finished with them! Hopefully, I get faster each time.
Start Time:  1:40AM

What is your favorite animal? Puppy. 
Who is your favorite author? Jacqueline Wilson.
What is your favorite instrument? Guitar (even though I'm a noob at it!).
What is your favorite sport to watch? Ice-skating.
What is your favorite sport to play? Badminton.
What is your favorite movie? Wizards of Wavery Place: The Movie.
What is your favorite classic literature book? Romeo and Juliet.
What is your favorite store? Forever 21.

Would you rather...?

Would you rather buy a new book or re-read one? Buy a new book.
Would you rather spend money or save it?  Spend. Too bad I usually save, though!
Would you rather go on vacation to the beach or the mountains? The mountains! I love the cold.
Would you rather play an instrument or listen to it? Both!
Would you rather be indoors our outdoors? Ditto.
Would you rather have your room painted lime green or purple with pink dots? Lime green.
Would you rather live in a cave or in a tree house? Tree house. It's cool ;D
Would you rather have a cat or a dog? Dog.
Would you rather host a get-together or go to one? Go to one. I'm not a good party-planner.

About you!

Do you have any siblings?  Just one. An annoying brother.
What year were you born? 1992.
How many times have you moved in your life? Just once.
How long have you been a Christian? I can't recall. Hallelujah!


Totally random

Christmas or Thanksgiving? Christmas, duh!
Words or pictures? Pictures.
Iguanas or turtles? Turtles. I'm no fan of reptiles.
Randomness or sense? Randomness.
Books or magazines? I love both.
Summer days or winter nights? Winter nights, like I said, I love the cold!
Screaming monkeys or running bears? Running bears.
Jane Austen or Charles Dickens? Charles Dickens. Lol.
Scotland or Ireland? Scotland. You gotta love the red plaid.
Running or walking? Walking.

End Time: 1:47AM
Great! 7 minutes!

Here are some pictures taken in Paris during winter! Classic, magnifique! These just look too refreshing!

Like what you're seeing? Go to the owner of these scenic photos for more!

And now begins the countdown to Earth Hour Part Two!

Earth Hour began as a small World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) event in Sydney, Australia. In 2007, 2.2 million homes and businesses switched off their lights for one hour. The movement was quickly picked up, and the following year was an even bigger event.

In that short time over 50 million people had become aware of Earth Hour, and turned out their lights to save energy and spread awareness in 2008. Even some of the world's most recognizable buildings were dark for Earth Hour, including Rome's Colosseum, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Sydney Opera House and the Coca Cola billboard in Times Square, New York.

These are some examples of the world-famous landmarks in other parts of the world that's gonna look like BEFORE the Earth Hour, and AFTER, when their lights are turned off!
ABOVE: The pyramids and the sphinx in Egypt!
ABOVE: Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA!

Earth Hour is a bit like a power outage. If you're not prepared for it, you'll find yourself thinking "If I can't watch TV, I can't use the computer, and I can't read in the dark...what can I do?"

To help make Earth Hour go faster, below's a list of ideas to what you can do during this special 60-minute event on 27th March (all ideas credited below)!
  • Take a nap - Nothing makes time go faster than sleep!
  • Tell stories - Spooky tales or previous family vaycays will work!
  • Play board games - Chess and checkers are great to play in the dark/by candlelight!
  • Play handheld games - Make sure you charge your Nintendo DS/PSP before the Hour!
  • Sing - Who can remember the most lyrics from favorite songs? Or make up your own! 
  • Play Hide and Seek - There's something extra fun about playing hide-and-go-seek in the dark, even for grown ups!
  • Recycle - You can do some easy recycled crafts by candle light.
  • Make a Green Action Plan - Why not take this opportunity to talk about what you'll be doing this year to reduce your impact on the Earth?
  • Go for a walk and see what the neighbours have switched off.
  • Or turn on all the lights in every room and see how long it takes before someone knocks on your door.
  • One word: Fondue! You get a great meal, no electricity required.
  • Go totally 18th-century and play charades by candlelight.
  • Look for stars in the darker night sky, or moon dance.
  • Prove to yourself that, yes, you can go 60 minutes without updating your Facebook status.
  • Sit in a drumming circle around a candlelit shrine to David Suzuki.
  • Enjoy a family dinner by candlelight
  • Organise a treasure hunt in the dark
  • Take the dog for a night walk
  • Have a candle-lit bath
Above ideas thanks to:

And these are some of MY ideas (you can clearly see the difference):
  • Bring a whole pack of candles downstairs and find the largest rock. Light the candles and let the melting wax stick to the rock! Careful not to burn yourself though!
  • If it's raining during this special hour, sing in the rain with your family or friends!
  • If it's snowing during this special hour, go out and make some snow angels!
  • Keep a torch handy and explore a friend's basement!
  • Sit in a corner and plug your earplugs in to your iPod.
I know, they're suckish! Still, these are as far as I can think up of! Spesh Earth Hour videos tomorrow! Ciaooo!! xx

Another quote about Earth Hour, this time from a celeb!

"[Earth Hour] is a great idea, and everyone should take part in making this bold visual symbol of climate concern. This is an urgent issue, and besides, I really hate seeing office lights on at night, and it especially angers me when they're on needlessly."
- Vivienne Westwood, fashion designer


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