Thursday, March 25

Fur Realzz?! PLUS: Countdown to Earth Hour 2010 Part One!

WARNING: Looong post ahead! Gear up.
Went out couple of hours ago with Becky to collect a free gift provided by a mag. Guess what? It was all fully redeemed! I know, that sucks. But I guess it's pretty predictable since the magazine sold pretty cheap almost on every newsstand!

Anyway, our bus skipped two stops (seriously!), and we had to friggin' walk a distance under the glazing sun to the mall. So we were waiting to cross at a traffic light, and this girl went up to us and asked for directions to another mall, pretty far-off from where we were, but not sure how to get there WALKING. So we stared blankly at her, then looked around the surroundings (Bec glanced at the sky for a while) and I said back, "No, sorry." I'm pretty sure she didn't hear me 'cos she indirectly sorta asked if we spoke English. Guess she musta thought we were tourists, which was pretty cool. And we stared right back at her again. I think I'm a freak.

We ended up eating at McDonalds' yet AGAIN. I'm pretty sure I'm going broke soon. We each bought the last of the pets mag in the bookstore, and I got Justin Bieber's 'My World 2.0' (finally!) and Bec bought '500 Days of Summer' starring Zooey Deschanel! She looks insanely like Katy Perry! Evidence below!

Anyway, it seems pretty weird/funny that I've got Justin Bieber's 2nd album, instead of his debut. Planned on getting both initially, but I was short of a few bucks. Crap. Saving up for the New Moon DVD and Glee Season 1: Road to Sectionals DVD too! Hopefully, I earn enough before I get to Japan (more deets in future posts!)! But I can't wait to hear all the tracks in his album! Most people seem to rave about it. But wth, there're no lyrics in it at all! Bummer.

Anyway, we went to another mall and they had this new magnifique mosaic wall on display made out of RUBIK CUBES! Genius, right? Here's the pictures to prove it (we took them from the 2nd level too, or else ya can't see the mosaic design clear)!

ABOVE: Pretty clear quality from Bec's phone. Unlike mine! The rest of the pix below are taken by yours truly...
ABOVE: You can see here the picture of the mosaic! It's gross in the middle...
ABOVE: Seriously, they could have chosen a less OBSCENE image to work on!
ABOVE: This is the obvs proof it's def made out of RUBIK cubes! Absolutely amazing!

And right beside this unique mosaic wall, it's this towering 20-metre (I think) statue named 'Tall Woman'. She stretches so high up when I craned my neck to look at it, it hurt so bad! She holds shopping bags, and her platform shoes are just so gargantuan! Inspiration from Berlin, Germany! More pix below!

ABOVE: It just towers us all.
ABOVE: Zoomed in on her tiny head.
ABOVE: Her platform heels. By Golly!
ABOVE: Bec taught me how to take pix with white balance! The color setting is just so different!

We then went into this winter clothing store, and we started picking up and fingering winter accessories like earmuffs, gloves and scarves. And we came across the GROSSEST, SICKEST things. They sold RABBIT fur and FOX fur scarves! And all so expensive too. The fox fur ones resembled a lot like their tails, which is just disgusting. They even dyed them purple, magenta, even a dark pink! How can they sell such stuff in a family-friendly store? Just before we picked up their price tags (which contained info about the product, in this case, made out of rabbit/fox fur), I'd picked up this scarf and went all,"This one feels and looks like a fox tail." And sure enough, it WAS made out of fox fur. I should sue these people. You like the feel of fur, but love animals, wear FAUX FUR! It'd be just too cruel to kill these animals just for us to WEAR. I couldn't even find a SINGLE leather glove that ain't made out of sheep leather!

To find out more, visit these links of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and some others:

ABOVE: A parody logo created during PETA's 2001 campaign against Burger King.

Anyway, on to other stuff. It's the Countdown to Earth Hour 2010: Part One on my blog! I'll be posting info, pictures, how to spend that special hour and more each day, until 27th March, which is the day of the anticipated one-hour event! Lights in buildings, shopping malls, homes, schools will be turned off all over the world at 8:30PM! Click here to see the official global Earth Hour site! I included a 'Create your own Virtual Lantern' app at the top of my blog, so try it out! Mine looked like this:

ABOVE: An Earth Hour graphic! Creds:

And here's a special quote about Earth itself! So how can you NOT support Earth Hour?!

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money."
- Cree Indian Proverb


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