Wednesday, May 26

200th Post Anniversary!

Hurrah! Another anniversary of a 100 posts! I can't wait to get to 500! It'll be a real grand event, I promise! But for now, I suppose I'll just throw in random stuff to post. So... below is my latest wallpaper for my MAC OS X desktop! It's a cute leopard headband!! Grab it here! (It's at the bottom of the page.)
Some of the movie trailers I'm excited to see below! Includes 'I Kissed a Vampire: The Rock Musical' starring Lucas Grabeel (High School Musical) and Drew Seeley (Another Cinderella Story), two new Twilight saga's 'Eclipse' movie clips, 2 'Despicable Me' trailers starring Steve Carrel and Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly)! Dakota was awesome!! Check it! (You might have to double click on them to see it on YouTube for fullscreen viewing!)

And check out Selena Gomez's graduation picture below, with her certificate - in a scene for her upcoming movie 'Monte Carlo', releasing in 2011! She had also just graduated from high school as well! That's TWO graduations in a same year! Cool!
Can't wait for the 2 hour American Idol finale tonight!! Hopefully more wonderful performances by other artists! Who do you think will win? Many are saying most def Lee Dewyze, but the final performance had Crystal Bowersox out-singing Lee! Still, Idol is still pretty much a snoozefest this year. All the best for Simon Cowell's future endeavours, since this is his final appearance as a judge in AI! Now, who will replace him? One thing's for sure, Idol would probably have lower ratings next year without Simon! 
Also, I just recently learned how to change my folder icons into nicer ones - not just the plain ol' blue little folders! This is what my desktop looks like now! The icons are those at the side! Pretty cute huh? You can get some for your Macintosh desktop as well here

"The pain of the mind is worse than the pain of the body." 
- Publilius Syrus

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