Tuesday, May 25


Before I start on the latest news about the Jemi split (Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas, FYI, in case you live under a rock or somethin'!), here's a picture of a pretty nasty-looking possibly human-cat. It's too WEIRD.
I was digging through my old emails at random and found some by Becky and she sent some pretty suh-weet and a poor (dead) cat picture. Brrr. I still get the heebie-jeebies when we saw it sprawled across the pavement years ago. God let this kitty be R.I.P to this day. Amen. I hope I'm not doing this cat any injustice putting its picture here. Sorry, little kitty!!
ABOVE: The Veronicas paper dolls!
ABOVE: Loooove her red high-tops!
ABOVE: Becky's Dalmation, Kelly!
All righty, on to the news that's got the whole of Tinseltown (and everywhere else) talking about! Most are still denying the fact that Jemi has most def not split! Well, I wouldn't either, if not for Perez Hilton's report and the tweet from Demi herself!
But in my opinion, this relationship might have just lasted 'a little bit longer' if Demi hadn't gone public about their new love so quickly! And Joe Jonas is a tad of a cad. Still, I'm rooting for Jemi to get back together anyway! They're perfect for each other! Here's a snap of them together taken from Perez's site as well.
For more information about their split and the reasons why, click here, here and here! And get this, in a recent MTV interview about the Jonas Brothers and Demi's upcoming tour, she looked extremely uncomfortable next to Joe and she kept twiddling her thumbs. Sure, she did laugh a coupla times, but at other times, she was just looking down and didn't smile as much as she usually did. Could there already have been a fight then between the both, or on the verge of a break-up? Think I'm reading too much into it? Watch it for yourself belowwww!

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- Friedrich Nietzsche

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