Monday, May 24

Vintage Passion for Fashion

I just now realized that this blog is supposed to be 'Home of Vintage' and I rarely ever post up stuff related to it! It's mostly Tinseltown or videos or something else. So I'm gonna put up some high-def vintage fashion! Mostly random ones I can find. I'll comment on each along the way!
ABOVE: Coco Rocha & Zac Posen in a vintage coat found in some store in N.Y.! Credits: Coco Rocha's Blog!
ABOVE: Some of Coco Rocha's vintage pieces! Credits: Coco Rocha's Blog!
ABOVE: Fifi Lapin's gorgeous forties ensemble! Love the wheeled handbag!
ABOVE: Fifi Lapin is decked out seventies chic
ABOVE: Fifi in a sailor ensemble. Too cute!
ABOVE: Fifi and her friend, Ruby are both wearing necklushes (see bottom). I love how they go with everything and you can just layer them with a tee and look instantly cool!
Credits to Fifi Lapin for the pictures.
Anyway, had badminton just several hours ago again. The coach was just too much! He made Rebecca run rounds around the court during the morning sesh, just 'cos she couldn't throw the shuttlecock at his face! Then when my class came, I wasn't much aware I kept lifting one leg up after serving the shuttle. Oh, he reminded me about it - and pretty much everybody else! They were laughing too. Still, he didn't mention the word 'donkey' to me, whereas he did to another person who made the same mistake as I. Damn. We had to swap partners around and one was just too good (so I kept missing and picking up the shuttle again & again) and another just kept yelling across the net telling me to hit higher and harder. -.- What a bad day.

"When you choose the lesser of two evils, always remember that it is still an evil."
- Max Lerner

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