Friday, May 28

Glee Graphtastic!

Some Glee graphics and posters I found on the web!! They are too adorable and cool! The manga ones especially. They took the original posters and tweaked them into being cute li'l anime characters! It would be hell cool if they had a Glee animation next time. Or a Glee manga! Still, nothing beats the real thing.

Anyways, thank God there's no Graphic Communication class tomorrow! I don't get the point learning about graphic design when this was so clearly not what we signed up for! For me, that is... Below shows something I usually do in GraphComm tutorials, made from Adobe Illustrator!:
Celebrating my baby cousin's 2nd birthday tonight at some Chinese restaurant! Hopefully, the food's good. I'm hell sick of almost all food in the world. Except for ice cream!! More deets later! Anyway, I went to this event where they were celebrating Vesak's Day, and my brother stepped twice (PURPOSELY) on my Uggs while we were walking rounds for god knows what, and my mother forced me to light up this flower candle. The flame from mine kept flickering, then dying out. The others worked pretty normal. The woman who was selling them kept switching flower candles for me and re-lighting them. It worked after trying a couple more times. They said it's 'cos I didn't 'believe'. It was true. But still...! I'm not one to be worshipping several different idols and burning incense. God, I hate my mother.

Oh, and congrats to the 2010 American Idol winner Lee Dewyze! It's no surprise really. But I really wished it was a girl winner this time around! Damn. It's been 3 guys 3 years in a row already!! No full review for the AI finale since I haven't exactly watched it in full yet!

"We should feel sorrow, but not sink under its oppression." 
- Confucius

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